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Equipment of excellence Uses the necessary resources for the meeting. Any site does not improvise and it does not scrimp in necessary means. The meetings can be more efficient if there is a good projector, allows hearing of a good video, the members can easily make use of power point, etc. It is not something LEGO Papert Professor would like to discuss. Is innovating when working in equipment. Today they exist software specialized to make presentations spectacular.

It observes, for example, this video of a Swedish professor it imagines with the projection of results of its company? The company and the equipment the Fish book (the effectiveness of an equipment is in its capacity of Motivation), is one of so many books that are written on the motivation, the leadership, the work in equipment, etc. The originality of this work is that history is developed in a fish market (Pike Place) and in the original keys to motivate to its employees – companions and clients. It is of the type of book that remembers to us that the world could far better be if all we strived a little changing our attitude. Whichever sites we know (work, communities, families.) in that the atmosphere becomes unbreathable: crispation, tension, evil humor, distrust to the detriment of the generosity, amiability, empathy In synthesis: there are sites in which ” is breathed; energy garbage dump txica”. Obvious in this situation the creativity, the flexibility, the motivation and the enthusiasm shine by their absence. ” More bond only than badly acompaado” , it says the proverb. Who has not undergone the frustration to be believed in an equipment and to only be before the performance of a task that requires of more heads and hands? Or on the contrary, who has not undergone the frustration to need major autonomy in the performance its task within the equipment and of being whereupon all wish to think and to interfere in their accomplishment? Although all we create to know in what the work consists of equipment, the reality is that often this one becomes one ” sum of individualities that work in compaa” , or in ” patio of colegio”.

Hace Car

This alternative this sufficiently studied in academic scopes. There is an alternative to the railcar driven by sacarino sorghum: " The street car rural". Thus the Lacroze street car began that went from where this today the Supply to Jump. It was a horse street car that went by the field, until was replaced it by locomotives to steam. Because not to think that it enters Marks Paz and Patricios, &quot circulates; street car rural" , thrown by horses percherones harnessed biotechnologically, dragging one or two cars, constructed with light materials type fiber of carbon, plastic and aluminum? It is not a viable alternative to the nonexistence of the service? Or we are going to continue buying the small mirror of colors of which things like which they slide here imply delay? Fijate to where we went to stop with the progress! Hace some years I am caused certain hilaridad to read in a 1934 book, of Colonel Jose Maria Sarobe (one of the Argentine military who more books has written) that proposed to bring bactrianos camels (those of two humps) to the Patagonia.

Its proposal was based on which during its performance like Argentine military attache’ in Japan, had been in the Manchuria and as that region were so similar in climate and ground to the Patagonia, on it founded his proposal. It spent the time, and a day, doing a study on South American camelidaes (therefore they are called to the guanacos, the flames, the vicunas and the alpacas and his you cross), I was with a doctoral thesis done in the University of Uppsala, Sweden, on the she-camel milk. In that investigation realised in " horn of Africa" , it was based with profuse bibliography, the versatility of the bactrianos and then camels I understood the restlessness of Sarobe I come and it doing mine " between the loaded one of all the Caf" , as he said that one tango that Julio intoned so well Soda.

Central State

He walks slowly aiming always ahead. He observes some men and he thought that he was my companions, when one of them saw shout me: " " Chulo" " and I go off, by instinct it reacts and it unloads another one trafagazo that it gave him completely to two of them in the chest. I ran desperate and at that moment I felt that it flew by the air. A new explosion shook the forest. When I woke up was tied and they guarded several guerrillas to me.

Then I included/understood my sad reality: He was one of so many kidnapped that the guerrilla had and who thought to exchange with the government, the evil called " " prisoners military " ". As of that one moment I thickened the long list of the kidnapped ones of the CRAF. A chill crossed all my being. The vision of enjaulados men change before my eyes of violent way, now was I with chains in the feet, around my neck and in my hands, enjaulado like a rabid dog that it had terminated to several of his men. Now my life hung of thread, was at the mercy of which the Central State of the CRAF decided that to do with us.

My mind I become paralyzed like my body. My dreams had been truncated in the first day battle. I remembered friend and to so many that we had arrived at those places and that already were dead; knowing the luck the kidnapped ones it wishes to be dead. Today I turn six years locked up, gaged, being delirious, speaking in the nights only, seeing shades, to my companions who have revived inexplicably. My companions have isolated to me, say in low voice that I am crazy. I have spent nights and whole days obstinate to near wire, because that my friendly, those that died with me in combat are plotting a plan to remove to me from here and that soon he will recover my freedom.

Subliminal Weight

Generally they have totally different attitudes with respect to the exercise, it enchants to them to exercise themselves and to eat healthfully. It is not any load them to make exercise and to eat well, on the contrary is only part of its daily life. Imagnate by moments, the easy thing that it would be to lower those kilos of more than a healthful form and without homemade remedies to lower of weight. If you had the landlords of thoughts that have those people who can lower of weight naturally you could verify that it is not impossible and that you can have that huge figure which always you have wished. Here it is where the Audio technology of the Subliminal one enters. He is much more effective and real that a homemade remedy to lower of weight. You would ask yourself that he is audio a subliminal one.

It is a safe form to eliminate all those thoughts and negative beliefs that beliefs do not let to you thin that block your natural processes to lower of weight. The subliminal messages generally are utilizadps in format of audio. In agreement the messages are entering your subconscious mind, little by little are eliminating all negative beliefs, thoughts and negative emotions that you have on the matter; and in return they begin to replace it with affirmations, thoughts and positive beliefs which if they will allow to lower you of weight. And thus you will be able to have the type of beliefs and thoughts that have the people who if they can lower naturally of weight and without homemade remedies. Without doubt, changing all the negative that exists in your subconscious mind, you will be able to lower of weight in time record, now already you will be able to have positive programmings which allow to lower you of weight in abrir and closing of eyes. Doubt does not fit that the subliminal technology is far better that some homemade remedy to lower of weight.

Scholastic Forms

No longer it is considered that the reading capacity is something that is acquired in the childhood during the first years of schooling. Rather she sees herself like a set in evolution that includes a series of knowledge, abilities and strategies that the people are constructing with the years, according to the diverse situations that live and by means of the interaction with their companions and the most extensive communities in those than 9 participate (PISA, 2003, p 108). the clarity of intentions in this matter will allow to align the different elements from the educative process: the curriculum, as much in the restricted sense of specific curriculum of the language area, like in the amplest sense of the opportunities of development of language and architectural that require the other disciplines, the training equipments including text books, the books of support for the teachers, the classroom libraries. The forms of organization of the educative system including the scholastic libraries, the centers of technology and means in the school, the forms to educate and to support the professional development of the professors including the opportunity at the same scholastic centers of which the professors meet for discussing the performance of his students and to examine its own practices pedagogical, the forms to administer to the schools and the educative system, the forms to evaluate not only the advantage of the students, but also the impact of the training programs, and the forms in which professors Facilitan the learning of the students, that is to say, the instruction and the pedagogy. The interest in the learning can improve if it exists a change in attitude on the part of the educational ones in front of the process, but that is a well-known change, where it moves away the negative idea that that the students do not want to learn and to formulate a plan of personal improvement of car reflection that contributes positive results in the development of its practices pedagogical.

Economic Planning

Without economic planning your project of construction of wealth would be slower. In addition, you must plantearte I put in the long term to short and. One of your main objectives must be FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, without her you will feel tied and to probably it is very difficult you to take off and to initiate your process of learning for the construction of wealth. But you are not oppressed, if you have debts, you formulate a plan realistic, either drawn up, with raised goals or, and librate of them. Then, reviewing a little previously the saying, we see which are the main steps that you must give to initiate your project of construction of wealth: Clear Ten and in writing your exact definition than is the wealth. You have once it, pregntate how you think to obtain it, trzate a plan to obtain it, ten an excellent one relation with the money and tosos its symbols and ponte hands to the work and decdete to learn of those who already is successful with the money, are many books and testimonies of people like Donald Trump for example that shares with the world its techniques, values and motivations. It is only question of which you are decided to learn! And you never surrender! Eliana the Founder and Publisher of, gives with your registry to the bulletin of the digital book Eight conducts that will every week approach the success and the prosperity in addition the best information on Law to the Attraction, positive thought, success, personal growth, cases, tips, exercises, worksheets and much more.

Median Company

The TPV or Terminal Point of sale or POS (Point Of Sale) is without a doubt, after the calculator and the recording machine a software tool that has come to solve hundreds of problems of organization in the daily tasks of small industralist and of great organizations who commercialize products. An ample range of Software TPV in the market exists being most competitive those than they support artilujios of hardware like pocket computers, readers of digital, reading of magnetic stripes, reading tracks of touch screen, bar codes. They are also very successful those that are escalbles and allow the synchrony of data between multiple you soothe. A small industralist who begins to use a well administered system of TPV does not need to worry to have to count time and time again products to know that he must ask of each since each product can determine in the system a minimum of existence and just by to print a product report under minimums will obtain a detailed report than it has and than it is necessary in every moment. The Result, saving of precious time. The small industralist wants to analyze as they are the hours in which he sells more like the hours in which less he sells, in addition he wants to know as they are the products that sell more and if it works with several people could interest to know to him who are salesman or salesman stars.

The TPV can become a species of oracle for the small industralist where it can analyze the tendencies of his small company and thus to make decisions. Many are the TPV available in the market although some are only free and multiplatform. The importance of a TPV frees Already the cases of companies are numerous that at the moment that less agrees to them see practically forced to buy new licenses of software being the adjudicating company of the licenses suspended suporte for software previously acquired. A micro-enterprise needs like minimum that is guaranteed to him that accessible data that it generated today will be morning. A company cannot be allowed totally unnecessary expenses being able to enjoy software that it guarantees to him that it happens what always happens will be to its disposition the source code so that this one does not depend on a company for its maintenance but on an increasing community of programmers and users all over the world that works in the development and maintenance of that piece of software. The importance of a TPV frees and multiplatform One tpv multiplatform offers the simple guarantee that the user does not have to depend on a manufacturer of hardware by more infallible than this can seem and it does not need to put in risk the data of his company. The user can change hardware in all the organization if therefore he considers it advisable and without the disadvantage of licenses of software privative that can stop this type of developments retiring the support of software when it migrates to other platforms of hardware. A TPV frees generally is programmed on lenguages multiplatform like java, Perl or php what tpv of portable free software to almost any type of hardware platform does to one. Ejemplode a TPV frees and multiplatform is OPENBRAVO that is in openbravo.


More and more the Skateboarding is becoming a fashionable sport. Or it is common to see pass through the streets of the cities people walking in Skateboard or Longboard. And the reality is that it is a good form of transport, is economic and even ecological. But at the time of buying and choosing the suitable patineta, arises the doubts before the great veriedad from marks, models and sizes. The first recommendation that arises is that skate is due to really buy, in a Skate Shop, of wood of maple (preferably, so that it lasts and it has good ” pop”) and not one of juguetera. In order to begin we must know how which is the difference between a Longboard and a Skateboard (Shortboard). The Longboards is generally in the rank of 36″ to 60″. The Skateboards is general assembly signal ” Mini; and they are in a rank of 24″ to 35″.

Now that the companies have improved the quality of bushings and the sizes of trucks, Mini approaches more and more, in sensation, to the Longboards traditional. In which to Skateboards one talks about, it can buy a Complete Skate (already armed, which in English is said: Skateboard Complete) or to arm it by parts (Custom Skateboard). The parts of a Skateboard are: Deck (Table), Trucks (Axes), Wheels (Wheels), Bearings (Bearings), Risers, Hardware (Screws) and Griptape (It binds). Skate complete is going to be economic, mainly because a good table can come Navy with trucks, rulemanes, and wheels of not so good quality Nevertheless I believe that to begin to enter itself in the sport it is a very good alternative, even ideal (in fact there are marks like Mystery that sell complete of super good level but they are more expensive than a World Industries or Speed Demons, others very fashionable are those of the mark Girl and Chocolate). A Skate made Custom always is going to be more perfect skater, but probably he is just a little bit more expensive than the Complete one. Finally, good tip is that there is to choose or the size according to the height or size of the foot of skater this is something or important at the time of learning, because skate of the measurement correct makes but the learning easy. Like gold rule always to try to buy what one needs and not what they want to us to sell.

Web Camera

If you have a computer with camera Web and it would like to take to a registry of the time of arrival and exit of people, this article explains to him how to do it. A biometric control system is a set of software and hardware. This system when being based on the recognition of the face is called Control of Face Biometric Attendance. Hardware is in charge to obtain the biometric readings. In this case, webcam, that one is in charge to capture the images of the face of the person.

For this Control of Face Biometric Attendance we needed the possible clearest image we will obtain that it with one webcam of 1 Mega Real pixels of Resolution (without interpolation by software), the majority of the portable computers of average range that incorporate webcam fulfills this requirement. Software is in charge to read and to process the biometric reading. In this case, it detects when a person is against webcam, locates its face, reads and looks for the unique characteristics of the face (the distance between eyes, size of eyes, width of the mouth, distances to eyes – mouth, etc.), that are really those that differentiates a person from another one. These unique characteristics keep in a data base and are those that allow software to identify the person and to register the date and hour in which I am realised the biometric reading. A software that realises these processes is i-Phase Planigrafo, can find major information in the Web site of in the following Link. The traditional systems of attendance control with track reader sometimes they present/display problems when the tracks or the reader are dirty, the tracks are of low quality for the reader or the fingers are droughts. With the control system of Face attendance these problems are eliminated, it is only needed that the person watches at the camera after seconds and ready. This system for being of easy implementation, economic and not to require the direct physical contact with the people, it is a real alternative for the small ones and medians social companies and surroundings of average traffic. Carlos Alberto Quijano Professional Acevedo I.T.