This alternative this sufficiently studied in academic scopes. There is an alternative to the railcar driven by sacarino sorghum: " The street car rural". Thus the Lacroze street car began that went from where this today the Supply to Jump. It was a horse street car that went by the field, until was replaced it by locomotives to steam. Because not to think that it enters Marks Paz and Patricios, &quot circulates; street car rural" , thrown by horses percherones harnessed biotechnologically, dragging one or two cars, constructed with light materials type fiber of carbon, plastic and aluminum? It is not a viable alternative to the nonexistence of the service? Or we are going to continue buying the small mirror of colors of which things like which they slide here imply delay? Fijate to where we went to stop with the progress! Hace some years I am caused certain hilaridad to read in a 1934 book, of Colonel Jose Maria Sarobe (one of the Argentine military who more books has written) that proposed to bring bactrianos camels (those of two humps) to the Patagonia.

Its proposal was based on which during its performance like Argentine military attache’ in Japan, had been in the Manchuria and as that region were so similar in climate and ground to the Patagonia, on it founded his proposal. It spent the time, and a day, doing a study on South American camelidaes (therefore they are called to the guanacos, the flames, the vicunas and the alpacas and his you cross), I was with a doctoral thesis done in the University of Uppsala, Sweden, on the she-camel milk. In that investigation realised in " horn of Africa" , it was based with profuse bibliography, the versatility of the bactrianos and then camels I understood the restlessness of Sarobe I come and it doing mine " between the loaded one of all the Caf" , as he said that one tango that Julio intoned so well Soda.