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Internet Communication

Aperto plenary, the campaigning agency with a digital focus, launches the magazine publications and online at. The Berlin would stress post-digital with the increasingly important focus on content, dialogue and participation in the communication work. Aperto plenary, the campaigning agency with a digital focus, starts as publications and, the online magazine June/July 2012 the magazine post digital by Aperto plenary appears with an initial circulation of 10,000 copies in Germany. Based on features, guest articles and discussions it deals with communication on the border between the areas of digital and analog. post digital is aimed at marketing decision makers and communication professionals, Young Professionals and journalists. The individual issues of the magazine have changing thematic focus and design topics.

Says the editor of the magazine and CEO of Aperto plenary, Michael Sodar,: with digital post we take a look at today, in which to live, work and communication Thanks to technological and digital achievements rapidly change, which has achieved digital revolution but seems to think its zenith. The core is we do not address the issue of digitisation, but changing patterns of thought and action in society and communication.” The first issue of digital post puts focus on the theme of freedom, with a guest commentary by Berlin’s top tourist touts Burkhard Kieker visitBerlin and a roundtable to the former airport of Tempelhof freedom. Also writes guest columnist Alexander Niemetz, media trainer and ex-moderator of ZDF today journal, about the difficult business of communication. Also in the issue: press conferences with participation via the social Web. The theme of freedom in the collage style is implemented in the design. Thus, the design theme of the first edition of digital post reflects the combination of analog and digital. The cover subject, a paper airplane, it builds a bridge to the substantive focus of the first edition, the former airport Berlin Tempelhof. The cover logo post digital is also in Subsequent editions in font, position, and size remain the same, vary within those boundaries but and have been implemented in the style of the respective issue.

The publication works with reader-friendly, restrained serifs typo Garamond and as a contrast with the bold headline typeface Gotham. This is used manipulated by large letters. The magazine is printed on FSC certified recycled paper, which transported a natural feel due to the sustainable communication approach of the Agency. The website for the magazine is at the same time the Internet presence of the campaigning agency Aperto plenary. Aperto plenary integrated campaign approach with digital focus is reflected in the theme setting and the used channels Web and print. This manual is available through the agency or on the Internet at. About Aperto plenary: Aperto plenary stands for that plan, develop and implement the right measures for campaigns and projects in the digital age. With highly qualified staff are complex communication services implemented for customers in the fields of economy, science, politics, culture and media. The focus on the political communication popular campaigning, a term stands at Aperto plenary for effective corporate and brand communication with digital focus. While the experience of Aperto AG in the area of digital and mobile business uses Aperto plenary.

Ana Maria

With the pretension to reach our as objective one in this article? to analyze with the lingusticas marks they materialize the speeches of Ana M. Axe? we made one sucinta analysis concerning these aspects, and we perceive that the writer uses of lingusticos elements (verbal and not-verbal), through which leaves to be transparent its speeches. In if treating to the not verbal elements, we identify that, in elapsing of illustrations of this book, the author uses of the image of personages (people and animals? rabbits) of diverse colors, demonstrating its concern in valuing the differences, independently of the color that each one has. We can have as example one of the illustrations, that is followed of the following stretch: (…) pra had rabbit all taste: well white white (…), threshed black color of white and until one harvests well prehad (…) (AXE, 2005, P. 20).

Ana Maria also made use of illustrations to give emphasis to the figure of the main personage, who exactly being black despertou ‘ ‘ paixo’ ‘ of coelhinho white that (…) she thought: – Ah, when I to marry want to have a son I prehad and pretty that nor it (AXE, 2005, P. 06). When using vocbulo prehad, the author does not discriminate the girl, but sample of conscientious form how much the color of the skin does not diminish the value of the same one. With respect to the use of the verbal lingusticos resources (written text), we pontuamos some comments. The writer always uses words and/or expressions that value and exaltam the image of the black girl, as endowed with beauty, the example of the stretches: A pretty, pretty girl was a time.

Final Judgment

– She leaves to say me to it a thing, Alzira owner, is clearly that the Evil exists, because to deny the existence of the Evil, us we would have that to deny, also, the existence of the Good, that is of God. Only that the evil is not fruit of a external influence that a demon any inserts in the heart of the man. The good action, as well as me the action, is fruits planted and harvested by the proper man in its interior orchard. Each one uses the free-will in the way that to agree it e, if somebody decides to use it for the evil, this somebody starts to be a demon, therefore will propagate the disaster, will magoar the people and it will not measure the consequences of its> attitudes. But, God is not policing nobody, It waits that let us ripen and that good fruits germinate, therefore was for whom was created.

– But, its Joaquin, as justifies that a boy of fifteen years is so perverse, having generous and correct parents? – Alzira Owner, Mrs. alone goes to understand my explanation, if she will be able to admit that we are immortal beings. – Clearly that we are! Since that let us have a correct life. Because, thus being, we will revive in the day of the Final Judgment and we will be chosen to live perpetual to the side of God. – Ah, then, if we will not be correct, we will be destroyed? – This exactly. The mpios will be lead to the fire of the hell and the right ones will only inherit the Land. – Then it says a thing to me, Alzira owner. Say that either in the Final Judgment acquitted Mrs. day of and inherit the perpetual life, but, for questions that today it are unknown, its condemned husband either to the fire of the hell and, together with it, also its son.

Why We Read Fiction

A survey conducted in 2008 by the Foundation "Public Opinion showed that 60% of Russians during the year have not read a single work of art. People began to read less – it's a fact. Previously, when the working day has been normalized and was 8 h, when there were only two television programs, and there was no Internet – leisure time was enough. Now even considered that reading fiction is incompatible with a focus on success. After all, successful people free time at all. When do they read? Many fixated on the effective use of their time, even invented a time-management. A good thing.

But often it is only an attempt in the same 24 hours stuff more cases. In this case, no one thinks that most of these cases, you do not do and nothing will change. Is it too becomes our rational mind? Focused only on the algorithms and schemes. In a lot of fuss caused by the underdevelopment of our thinking. How can he develop if the knowledge of just jam without any attempt to comprehend. To what do we read? 1. Fiction in addition to its core functions – aesthetic, communicative and cognitive gives us the opportunity to develop as a person, develop your intellect and thought. After all, what we see on the page? – A set of characters. And this set – is built into the images, characters, created by mood, evoke a feeling. Ie the mind is actively involved in this process.