– She leaves to say me to it a thing, Alzira owner, is clearly that the Evil exists, because to deny the existence of the Evil, us we would have that to deny, also, the existence of the Good, that is of God. Only that the evil is not fruit of a external influence that a demon any inserts in the heart of the man. The good action, as well as me the action, is fruits planted and harvested by the proper man in its interior orchard. Each one uses the free-will in the way that to agree it e, if somebody decides to use it for the evil, this somebody starts to be a demon, therefore will propagate the disaster, will magoar the people and it will not measure the consequences of its> attitudes. But, God is not policing nobody, It waits that let us ripen and that good fruits germinate, therefore was for whom was created.

– But, its Joaquin, as justifies that a boy of fifteen years is so perverse, having generous and correct parents? – Alzira Owner, Mrs. alone goes to understand my explanation, if she will be able to admit that we are immortal beings. – Clearly that we are! Since that let us have a correct life. Because, thus being, we will revive in the day of the Final Judgment and we will be chosen to live perpetual to the side of God. – Ah, then, if we will not be correct, we will be destroyed? – This exactly. The mpios will be lead to the fire of the hell and the right ones will only inherit the Land. – Then it says a thing to me, Alzira owner. Say that either in the Final Judgment acquitted Mrs. day of and inherit the perpetual life, but, for questions that today it are unknown, its condemned husband either to the fire of the hell and, together with it, also its son.