Evidently, exactly that the paradigms sereformem that conduct the education, are not possible to modify simultaneamentetodo work that if carries through inside of a school. In the truth, this demands one processode reflection and avaliao.pois the change will not have to be made of form aleatriae nor will have thus to be made, since the damages and advantages will fall again alunado sobreo. NosPCN+ (2002, p.85), we will see that: It is undeniable that all proposal of mudanasde that any system is white passes, or would have to pass, for the reflection eeventuais adhesion and action of the professionals who of it are part. The rupturasefetivas of old paradigms depend without a doubt on the awareness and davontade to move of the involved professionals, without mentioning adequadatransposio of the ideas proposals in the theoretical plan for the practical one. To stand out that projected estaao demands of all the school a joint work, however, sabemosque fits to the educator the responsibility to develop in practical its essetrabalho. That is, it must have a commitment of the educator in the construction of the seuofcio, therefore, one practical professor if it builds in the association of the commitment, daao and reflection on what it is become fullfilled inside of the classroom. Cabe school the orientation, the accompaniment, the reinforcement, but the reflection only execuocabem and it to the professor.

This work if makes solid when escolaconsegue to unite with the practical one what it conducts and it informs the Project Pedagogical Politician quevem to guide the work of the educator. As the PCN+ (2002, P. 09), we have oseguinte: The reflection on the pedagogical project allows that cadaprofessor it knows the reasons of the determined option for joint of activities, which abilities if they search to develop with them and that priorities guide dare of the material resources and the distribution of the horria load.