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New Technologies

It would not go forward today new technology, no matter how varied preferences and tastes, one thing remains the same preference, the preference and practicality of natural resources and natural materials, natural stones and to this day the most popular and practical. It would seem, for selected metals, glass mixtures, ceramics, natural stones, and other raw materials are not able to individually recreate into something so special that would have grasped spirit, but when you combine small elements of all of the components, and to put something bright floors, walls, ceiling and any other surface, you get a unique mosaic trophy. Today, original products from the mosaic are endless for opportunities, glass mosaics not only serves the art coating, but also a great material for creating original 'accents' in the interior, creating unique and intricate patterns, is a fashionable finish for fireplaces furniture objects, decorating rooms, saunas, baths and so on, just glass mosaic is durable and resistant to external factors, has high water resistance. The classic response to a mosaic of glazes, still remains the most refined version of the design of decorative panels. Stone is used mainly to create a durable, outdoor images; metal – to add decor features and modern spirit, granite – to finish public buildings. Mosaics and limitless imagination to, firstly there are practically no restrictions for the background, in ancient times were the most exquisite mosaics on a gold background, and secondly by using the mosaic, you can create a unique masterpiece of decor, which will be a real luxury decoration for your environment. Manufacture of mosaic is a complex and delicate creative process, in which involving both artists and designers, chemists and technologists, as well as specialists in packing.

Ceramic mosaic – it is nothing like small ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic mosaic designs are ideal for pools and bathrooms. Not glazed ceramic mosaic tiles can be a special highlight of the interior rooms, living room, other equally relevant and other species: ceramic mosaic, glass mosaic, and mosaic of marble. Mosaic of marble – the craft handed down from generation to generation, continually evolving with time. Mosaic of marble is durable materials for finishing the interior of the premises, the original laying floors, walls, stairs, and also for decorating and finishing the outer part, the same walls, paths, decorating the facade. In ancient times mosaic was mainly the object of a high and fine art in our days of, the mosaic was excellent material for unique finishes and decorating the premises of individual objects. The correct choice of colors, materials and textures – the key to success for creating something special and stands out in our environment.

Double-Glazed Windows

Someone has to repair the slope on the outside, someone wants to paint the ebb and if the window is dull, then this is not very convenient, shorter reasons why people want to remove the windows are different. To remove the glass, it is necessary take a sharp chisel and hammer, hammer, preferably not take iron, and plastic or wood, as the iron hammer next to the glass – it is dangerous (for glass), but it is not important, you can take and iron, but they work very carefully so as not koknut glass. So, take a hammer and chisel and start shooting bead that holds the glass, you see him on the perimeter of the glass. Insert the chisel between the glazing beads and the frame and flipping on chisels beat start bead to the center pane. Start with vertical bead, insert a chisel in the center of the bead so that it twisted and you could pull it out. After that, remove the glazing beads on the other perimeter and insert a chisel edge is already possible with the bead, but only the upper bead remove the last, so you can control the glass and it does not grohnetsya you down.

When the bead is lifted gently take glass and put it up against the wall, while they themselves are engaged in the outer slope, shade, or so than you would Activities. Under glass you'll notice colored plastic plates, which lie in the insets of black or gray, when will embed the windows do not forget to put them in place. When the package insert back, begin to hammer bead, only in reverse order, first upper then lower, and then the side (they are long and it will be easier bend), only gently hammer, which is why I talked about the hammers, because clogging bead breaker is in the immediate vicinity of the glass. That's the whole process!

Choosing Mortar For Construction

In this article you will find answers to questions such as what the solution should be chosen when the veneer face brick cottage, how to perform masonry work and seams, what mistakes to avoid, etc. Warehousing facing brick on the building site must be stored in a dry place, protected from the pollution solution, resin, concrete and other materials that are difficult or impossible to form for removing stains. Implementation of the solution choice of solution depends on the properties of brick, water absorption of bricks. It is best to use ready-made solutions, brick-called "two in one", while acting as filling the joint. In deciding to prepare a solution on their own are encouraged to: use a cement brand PC 500 with no additives, use sand and water that do not contain water-soluble salts, use the "hard" solution, avoiding excessive dilution with water (the consistency of wet land) to use for laying freshly prepared solution, is strictly prohibited to apply lime. Masonry work during masonry work Always use the bricks from different trays at least three – this will allow you to avoid such unpleasant moments, as a "stain" of another color on the background of the brickwork. Do not carry out masonry work in the rain and cold. Not allow leakage of the solution of the seams on the front surface of the wall.

Do not allow freezing of the unfinished masonry: the impossibility of erecting the roof before frosts – must cover the walls erected for the winter period ruberoydom or foil to prevent water from entering the brick and masonry joints in zamokaniya. For the erection of fences is recommended to use decorative boxes. New folded wall within 14 days from the Protect wetting, covering the waterproof film. Perform welds and seams Masonry work can be performed using one type of solution, if it is simultaneously a solution for masonry and joints. Apply solution to all surface of brick. The vertical and horizontal joints must be well fit to the brick. Remains of the solution leaked from the joint, should be addressed.

Immediately after solidification of the solution to align the seam jointing trowel. Cleaning the lining of every kind of pollution that appears on the face during the laying and jointing, you should immediately remove dry. Mistakes to avoid warehousing not covered with film of bricks on site, without adequate protection from contamination. The use of brick at a time from several pallets, which can lead to patches of color on the facade. Bricklaying in the rain leads to the washout solution of the seams on the front surface of the brick. Recent actions lead to the appearance of efflorescence on the brick.

Frame Houses Using Canadian Technology

Tree for the perfect material for building houses. Even in ancient times, when nobody knew about modern insulation materials and building technology, people have turned out to build a comfortable, simple and warm home. New technologies also raised the construction of frame houses on the next level. With new material frame houses began to Met reduced weight and cost. Now many homes are built zagrodnyh on Canadian technology wizards frame houses. The service life of a Canadian house up to 150 years, and the construction of this house is a very short period of 1-3 months.

Fabrication begins with a warm house project. Now thanks to computer technology specialists can pre-calculate naruzku to beams and slabs, as well as the details of designing the location of communication within the home. Frame construction at the house used in the construction materials undergo a special treatment that allows you to extend the life of the building. Initial construction is performed in specially equipped workshops for data needs. The roof of the house is made of rafters. Thanks to the universality of the roof may have lyuby forms, even the most bizarre. That is, in svom house you can realize any creative idea.

Russian Production

Each type has its own characteristics, because we consider them in more detail. Russian windows. This type of window is called even carpentry. As stated above, the Russian windows are those articles of domestic production, we're used to from childhood. Such wood windows were installed in "Stalin", "Khrushchev," in panel and brick houses. For the production of such windows applies only solid timber and flat glass. In some cases, by separate order instead of the stele is installed windows. Russian leaky windows, formed during the production gap sealed with rubber rezinoplastika and other materials.

In view of the integrity of timber is a window may fail. This helps to avoid drying of material quality, as well as the application of some other methods, described in the production technology. Eurowinows (German window). The most important difference from the Russian eurowindows windows – no glass panes and application. But the window in the windows still can be made.

It is simply not required due to the fact that the frame can be opened and locked in the vertical plane. Euro windows are made in contrast to the Russian windows are not made of solid wood, glued beam, consists of three fused between a layer of wood with different grain direction. Such frames are not terrible strain. They are very strong, and thus will last for years. Also used for bonding glue is waterproof, which creates additional protection for the windows from moisture. Double glazing can be two or three-chamber. Plastic window is not required to seal the winter because the production technology ensures that no gaps between the doors and window frame. Finnish window. Finnish windows distinguished by the presence of two sets of wings held together with special fittings. In one such leaf is placed flat glass in the second glass. This design makes opening valves in the vertical plane, although in some cases still are made Finnish windows, and that it can. To ventilate the dwellings in these boxes specifically designed window and transoms. Finnish manufactured windows mainly from natural wood, sometimes of a double laminated veneer lumber. To eliminate the gaps between doors and windows are subject to special contours seal. Norwegian windows. In this type of windows are aligned elements Russian windows and eurowindows. With Russian windows similarity lies in the fact that for the production of Norwegian windows also uses solid wood, but choose it in a special way – make sure it has to be high quality wood northern pine and larch. With evroooknami Norwegian windows have in common the use of glass, but their production technology, there are significant differences. In Norwegian windows instead of the sealant used strip of rubber, and the glass is attached with screws and glazing beads that, in some cases, greatly simplifies the replacement of damaged glass. In addition, not unimportant feature of the Norwegian timber windows is the presence in their construction of the molecular sieve capable to absorb excess moisture during temperature variations, thereby preventing fogging of windows. It is mandatory window of this type are impregnated composition, which prevents decay, which is also excellent protection against moisture. On top of this infiltration is applied a special coating tinting. Norwegian windows can be opened in two directions: horizontal and vertical. The choice of window type depends on your preference. Each of the types of qualitative production can be very long to please his owner, functionality, reliability, excellent appearance.

High-Altitude Work

First, define some concepts. High-altitude works – works that are performed at a height (if briefly). Rope – it is actually high-altitude work, but using the technology of "Rope." AND promalp – the same rope access, only briefly. Thus, promalp – a run of high-altitude work using rope access technology. Yes, high-altitude work – work at heights and on the ropes … but always be possible to use the rope? Undoubtedly, the promalpe movement on the ropes – is the foundation, but before they move, we must get to the anchorage points.

To get to the structures on which to be binding, you can own (two samostrahovochnyh end and two belay points, belting as it moves alternately) or two (one by one becomes a climber, the other fears). The intermediate means may be stairs, brackets, tabs, friends, bolt. For movement on the wooden structures can be used long screws from 80 mm and 8 mm in diameter. The distance between the elements of the belay shall not exceed 1 m. Moreover, we note that in Russia there are no specific requirements, but the climbers are based on the rule of climbing insurance. Now you know what promalp use ropes everywhere, but the value of ropes specific conditions are different.