Someone has to repair the slope on the outside, someone wants to paint the ebb and if the window is dull, then this is not very convenient, shorter reasons why people want to remove the windows are different. To remove the glass, it is necessary take a sharp chisel and hammer, hammer, preferably not take iron, and plastic or wood, as the iron hammer next to the glass – it is dangerous (for glass), but it is not important, you can take and iron, but they work very carefully so as not koknut glass. So, take a hammer and chisel and start shooting bead that holds the glass, you see him on the perimeter of the glass. Insert the chisel between the glazing beads and the frame and flipping on chisels beat start bead to the center pane. Start with vertical bead, insert a chisel in the center of the bead so that it twisted and you could pull it out. After that, remove the glazing beads on the other perimeter and insert a chisel edge is already possible with the bead, but only the upper bead remove the last, so you can control the glass and it does not grohnetsya you down.

When the bead is lifted gently take glass and put it up against the wall, while they themselves are engaged in the outer slope, shade, or so than you would Activities. Under glass you'll notice colored plastic plates, which lie in the insets of black or gray, when will embed the windows do not forget to put them in place. When the package insert back, begin to hammer bead, only in reverse order, first upper then lower, and then the side (they are long and it will be easier bend), only gently hammer, which is why I talked about the hammers, because clogging bead breaker is in the immediate vicinity of the glass. That's the whole process!