In this article you will find answers to questions such as what the solution should be chosen when the veneer face brick cottage, how to perform masonry work and seams, what mistakes to avoid, etc. Warehousing facing brick on the building site must be stored in a dry place, protected from the pollution solution, resin, concrete and other materials that are difficult or impossible to form for removing stains. Implementation of the solution choice of solution depends on the properties of brick, water absorption of bricks. It is best to use ready-made solutions, brick-called "two in one", while acting as filling the joint. In deciding to prepare a solution on their own are encouraged to: use a cement brand PC 500 with no additives, use sand and water that do not contain water-soluble salts, use the "hard" solution, avoiding excessive dilution with water (the consistency of wet land) to use for laying freshly prepared solution, is strictly prohibited to apply lime. Masonry work during masonry work Always use the bricks from different trays at least three – this will allow you to avoid such unpleasant moments, as a "stain" of another color on the background of the brickwork. Do not carry out masonry work in the rain and cold. Not allow leakage of the solution of the seams on the front surface of the wall.

Do not allow freezing of the unfinished masonry: the impossibility of erecting the roof before frosts – must cover the walls erected for the winter period ruberoydom or foil to prevent water from entering the brick and masonry joints in zamokaniya. For the erection of fences is recommended to use decorative boxes. New folded wall within 14 days from the Protect wetting, covering the waterproof film. Perform welds and seams Masonry work can be performed using one type of solution, if it is simultaneously a solution for masonry and joints. Apply solution to all surface of brick. The vertical and horizontal joints must be well fit to the brick. Remains of the solution leaked from the joint, should be addressed.

Immediately after solidification of the solution to align the seam jointing trowel. Cleaning the lining of every kind of pollution that appears on the face during the laying and jointing, you should immediately remove dry. Mistakes to avoid warehousing not covered with film of bricks on site, without adequate protection from contamination. The use of brick at a time from several pallets, which can lead to patches of color on the facade. Bricklaying in the rain leads to the washout solution of the seams on the front surface of the brick. Recent actions lead to the appearance of efflorescence on the brick.