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USB Hours

Any modern USB-stick, unless it is not installed an advanced encryption system, requires no installation drivers or utilities. Be kind to carry a cd, and it negates all the advantages of USB-drive. You can not easily fill the 128 mb of memory useful files on the first computer tucked under the arm. To work hours will necessarily have to run the installer – if you simply connect the device to the USB-port and insert the disk, then the drivers will show up, but when installed there some kind of bug that will not allow the clock to operate as a drive. Driver is not certified by whql, Windows, and will 'curse' when installing it, and then finds more and SCSI-device. With the disk, in addition to the driver, you install two utilities – a program for rewriting hours, and the utility for formatting the drive.

Speed up your data at the clock in our tests did not exceed 210 Kb / s, ie to ensure that full fill the built-in 128 mb, would take 10 and a half minutes (!). Yes, it is not fatal if copy music to device once a day, but no reason for joy does not – players (not hours) of other manufacturers are copying the files twice, or sometimes five times faster. Battery life when playing music at close to maximum volume reached 8-9 hours. Feed watch from built-in lithium polymer battery and battery charge is restored when you connect the usb clock to your computer or using a special power supply. Again, unpleasant trifle – a domestic socket adapter in the kit you will not find.

Menus and control clock, in the role of the drive clock is not supported by ID3-tags, and you will either have to lay out the composition of the numbers, rename files, or to remember in what way they will be played. For the sake of minimizing the number of buttons on the manufacturer made it so that you can adjust the volume until you click 'Mode'. Non-graphical screen, and then that you adjust the volume, it becomes clear just from the fact that there in the middle double digits, adjustable in the range from 0 to 63, with the sound volume of less than 15 almost slyshen. button 'Mode' you can switch to a digital voice recorder. The screen will light up while the next set of icons:

Classified Ads

Internet is becoming an austere part of our lives. We did not austere can not exist without the computer, and the principle and the Internet itself, and can not in fact exist. We find the information austere rest, we furthermore travel through the Internet. Of course, the World Wide Web is capable of much, all of its benefits are not listed as a principle, not only advantages. H and cons. However, this exercise also controversial. In his article, I will not unharness, sorry for the vocabulary, about the pros and cons of the Internet, I will address only one of its scope – the bulletin board. Perhaps you now say that no one uses, it is simply meaningless and anything through them to convey to the consumer or the reader – it is useless.

Perhaps you something right, because that is the number of visitors without ploys can not be traced, but akkurat thanks to the number of boards and thrive. Imagine that you would like to advertise my own way goods in everyday life. For example, a concert. What would you do? Hung posters. Maybe allowed advertising on television. Perhaps, quite enough to attract enough a large audience.

And now you're in the World Wide Web. Here, in this case, what would you do if you have a website, but visitors to it a bit? You try to advertise? I agree. But how? Here, at this stage and there is need for the message boards. Without them, you are austere nowhere. How acting message board hands? Let's just say, although their style a little wrong. So you post free classifieds ads, such a site offers its services. Accordingly, people are reading and may be interested, go exactly to you. That's how you and get regular visitors on your site. Much more effective if you razme6stite ads on several boards, though, of course, this is more difficult, since walking and manually placed on several thousands of bulletin boards, tasks are not easy to do, but it's a different story. Let not return directly to the benefit of a sort of advertising. To begin with, as I have already noted – boards hands a lot, so akkurat and visitors will be sufficient.

Computer Components

In this article how to choose the optimum configuration pc, I wrote how to choose a computer based on your needs. This article is both a complement and here we take a closer look at how to assemble a computer from components. Our goal – less cost, more benefit. Processor. The processor is the main component for the most part reflecting the performance of your pc. Before buying to determine requirements for future computer: office programs and the Internet, video editing or photo, games, or all at once. You should also think about the future of its functions, such as buying a camcorder in the near future will require higher performance PCs.

Processors Pentium Dual-Core and Phenom ii X2 suitable for office work and internet, 2-core processor with maximum clock speed – for games, the most powerful models from Intel and amd – to work with multimedia. It is worth noting that the processing of video and photos, engineering and scientific calculations placing greater demands on the cpu than other tasks. To work with the HD-video, mirror-digital video, 3D graphics, utilities, MathCAD, AutoCAD worth buying 4-core processing power. Possible in this case and buy a 6-core processors amd cpu Phenom ii X6 or Core i7 8xx or 9xx by Intel. Memory. The latest models of processors operate with the memory type DDR3, replace the entire a DDR2. Among the mass of the proposed high-speed DDR3 memory standards, a better buy for any purpose DDR3-1333, since it is the most common standard for computer shop.


Most of the time, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) operate in idle mode and the battery is switched on only when off the network 220, which is rare. For this reason, the battery is stagnant and loses emkost.Chtoby this does not happen, we must periodically – every 3 months the battery is discharged and then .Kak do this? Enable ups without power and give him a work-load to full out the battery. Then insert it into the net, disconnect all loads and hold in this state 12-24 hours. But what if ups can not withstand network outages? If the warranty has passed, you can try to restore the battery as follows. Need to disconnect the ups from the network and all loads, carefully taken apart and get the battery.

Now we need a car charger to control charging current and the light on 12 and 1amper, we have 12 candles. Connect the bulb to the battery and let burn until quenched. Then connect avtozaryadku and install the current charge 2 ampera.Cherez 12:00 to again discharge the battery charge lamp and again. If the terminal voltage of 14.2 in the no-load, then the battery is charged and may be used, if not – try to do one more cycle discharge-charge. If the battery is less than 2 years, then everything should work out.

Computer Help

Computer Aid is distributed in different parts of Russia. Firms that are engaged in emergency computer help, willing to provide such services: repair computers and laptops, it ausorsing, remote administration, installation and installation of local networks, cabling, installation of different drivers, setting up Wi-Fi, cleaning laptop computer from dust and other work. The difference between firms that deal with computer assistance, may be price, service quality, courtesy and understanding what the customer wants, quick exit, honesty. Before calling for computer help, try to sort out any problems with your pc, at least to obtained in response to the question "How much does it cost?" approximate price, and in response can be obtained and estimated time of repair, and some advice. May be situations where the repair to take additional problems of course this can prevent a programmer, and propose to eliminate this problem. Think about whether you want it to you if you can "give the go-ahead. If we talk about the labor force and its classification, the situation was. Some firms mainly recruit students, in connection with the price of services may be reduced.

But on the other hand, students with little experience and they happen a little free time. If the firm hires highly qualified specialist, and the price for the services may increase, respectively, the quality of service too. For example, to install Windows, including the necessary standard drivers in Kazan specialists asking about 500-800 rubles, and configure the lan 300-400 rubles for a couple of computers, laptop repair, depending on the cost breakdown can cost from about $ 1000. But it is also important for many, the specialist can quickly come and fix the problem. Breakdowns are different, and sometimes just need to reinstall your operating system, install the software driver. And sometimes you need to mount a local network, the cable in the home or office, then set this network, there is no customer wants to pull the wire around the room, then there are other options, for example, Wi-Fi – a convenient wireless network, which can also be used for general Internet access.

Automation Planning

Typically, a large proportion of automation have to pre-printing process – from planning to operations prior to the publication of its delivery to the printer for printing. Prepress processes most of the publications are very similar, but the publication daily has significant differences compared with other types of publishing products. The main feature of the newspaper – as soon as possible mark up all the bands. Journalists for objective reasons often can not take the materials on the layout in advance. Therefore, the layout should be in a very short time to get ready for typesetting the text, placing it on the strip, together with the title and illustrations, to reconcile with journalist, editor and editor of the location and size of the article. In the hard time limit and to simultaneously process multiple materials only automation system of publishing activity – rice WoodWing Smart Connection production company WoodWing.

This product development have interesting opportunities to work with the system via a standard web browser, there were elements that allow use it as an electronic archive of documents, or smart. The most important part is the integration of WoodWing Smart Connection with digital asset management system and planning facilities timone with WebBuilder planning advertising Gemma edition of the Italian developer tell. An interesting feature of solutions SmartConnection is tight integration with packages Microsoft Word and Excel, allowing users to operate the system using common office applications without the need for a specially configured workstation. Also, one of the strengths of the policy development ris WoodWing Smart Connection is the presence and support of the developer of two versions: the entry-level solutions for small Organizations – Smart Connection Pro and solutions to medium and large companies with complex business processes – Smart Connection Enterprise. These products are very different both in functionality and cost, allowing customers to choose the solution corresponding not just their problems, but also the budget. The main platform for designers has always been Apple Macintosh, which remains so today. Initially, all software developed for this platform and then converted or rewritten for the pc with significant changes. In addition, Apple Macintosh computers are already quite affordable for small businesses. The latest models in the line of computers Apple Mac Pro, iMac and Macbook are relatively inexpensive and easily cope with the tasks of layout and design.