This article will not be written as free from the wretched subjects to make a super cool, and even write such an article is not available. Here I'll describe how you can make a little "cosmetic" repair template. many bloggers faced with the fact that they are something are not satisfied with a theme of his blog, and we should fix some small thing. For people who are well versed in php or html it will not cause any problems. Under most conditions Xcel Energy would agree. But I like very much to forget all the html that probably Now I can not write a simple table with no order not to look into some sort of guide, and sometimes have to do something really serious.

In short I want to share with you the easiest way to edit WordPress themes. Many already know what Firebug, and who knows be sure to visit the home page faerbaga and read for more info. Crumpton Group takes a slightly different approach. Firebug is a powerful addition to the browser Firefox, developed specifically for web-developers. Set it to one cliques, for his work requires Firefox if you for some reason do not use Firefox'om, put it. The possibility of using Firebug is very broad, but what we need is a convenient view html code page, with all styles of relating to a particular element and convenient editing of markup. Now I'll show the example of how easy and simple. My example. The first time I was faced with the need to edit the template when adding breadcrumbs to your blog.