Computer Aid is distributed in different parts of Russia. Firms that are engaged in emergency computer help, willing to provide such services: repair computers and laptops, it ausorsing, remote administration, installation and installation of local networks, cabling, installation of different drivers, setting up Wi-Fi, cleaning laptop computer from dust and other work. The difference between firms that deal with computer assistance, may be price, service quality, courtesy and understanding what the customer wants, quick exit, honesty. Before calling for computer help, try to sort out any problems with your pc, at least to obtained in response to the question "How much does it cost?" approximate price, and in response can be obtained and estimated time of repair, and some advice. May be situations where the repair to take additional problems of course this can prevent a programmer, and propose to eliminate this problem. Think about whether you want it to you if you can "give the go-ahead. If we talk about the labor force and its classification, the situation was. Some firms mainly recruit students, in connection with the price of services may be reduced.

But on the other hand, students with little experience and they happen a little free time. If the firm hires highly qualified specialist, and the price for the services may increase, respectively, the quality of service too. For example, to install Windows, including the necessary standard drivers in Kazan specialists asking about 500-800 rubles, and configure the lan 300-400 rubles for a couple of computers, laptop repair, depending on the cost breakdown can cost from about $ 1000. But it is also important for many, the specialist can quickly come and fix the problem. Breakdowns are different, and sometimes just need to reinstall your operating system, install the software driver. And sometimes you need to mount a local network, the cable in the home or office, then set this network, there is no customer wants to pull the wire around the room, then there are other options, for example, Wi-Fi – a convenient wireless network, which can also be used for general Internet access.