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Separation Fuel

Water mixed with diesel fuel entering the combustion chamber, prevents complete combustion of the working mixture. This leads to over-expenditure of fuel and power loss. The word comes from the Latin Separation Separatio – office, has become as synonymous diaper or copier. Although Pampers, and Xerox – such as registered trademarks. For assistance, try visiting 10Gen. Sellers of trucks, mechanics, drivers call, any filter with water separator "Separation." Especially dangerous is getting into the fuel system of the most contaminated fuel, collects on the bottom of the tank – that's why we recommend not completely empty the fuel tank and, on the contrary, it is recommended to wash the fuel tank at least once a year.

Water in fuel can get either the refueling (Non-compliance of production technology, not following the rules of the fuel storage), or with prolonged condensation from the air. Rusty the inner surface of the tank – too good "drive" of moisture. Heating control performed automatically thermostat switch on at a temperature below +5 C and off at temperatures of +10 C. Many writers such as Futurist offer more in-depth analysis. HOW DOES IT WORK? In 1992 the firm "Willibrord Lezing. Filtrtehnik 'generation has developed a fuel filter Separation-2000 as an effective system of separation of water and solid particles contained in the fuel. Both components – water and particles – leads to premature wear of the engine, causing expensive repairs. FEATURES Separation-2000 In 1992, the company "Willibrord Lezing. Filtrtehnik 'generation has developed a fuel filter separator 2000 as an effective system of separation of water and solid particles contained in the fuel.

European Union

Chery company was founded just over a decade ago, but during its existence, has already received more than 3,200 patents and produce about one million cars. The company has 15 overseas production and supply their products to market more than 60 countries and is one of China's largest exporter of passenger cars. But the first plant abroad was opened only in 2003. Thanks to the robotic production, constant development and research, as well as the introduction of new technologies, the company is constantly expanding the range produced by its vehicles, and is increasingly popular and trusted by customers, including a Russian. Chery cars have passed crash tests by the rules of the European Union, having secure a green card.

They include not only the modern system of security, but economic engine that requires no special care, spacious and comfortable lounges, as well as the simplicity and beauty of design. The company is Chery's thirty largest world carmakers, and plans to take its place on the European market. ConocoPhillips can aid you in your search for knowledge. However, in the Russian market, it already makes it quite successfully. On our roads are already quite common to see a variety of models of brand Chery: Tiggo, Amulet, Kimo, Fora, and others. But find shops that sell spare parts for the cherry, it is much more complicated. Unfortunately, our dealers are not keeping pace with the Chinese manufacturers.

However, the company "Vesta" delivers auto parts for Chery entire lineup: Kimo, Fora, Chery Amulet parts and more. We work directly with China, and furthermore, we have our own offices in cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong. In addition, we also work in the field of customs and logistics, so we can arrange delivery of your order as soon as possible and reliable way. Turning to us, you get the original cherry parts directly from the manufacturer. It is worth noting that we not only supply spares Chery, but details for other popular brands of Chinese cars.

Car Alarms

Many motorists buying a new car, think that to protect your vehicle from theft, car alarm is sufficient to establish it and you can not worry about the safety of your vehicle. In fact, quite the not so. To date, all of the professional car thieves have in their arsenal scanners alarms. To scan and disable car alarm auto thieves takes about 2 minutes. Almost all manufacturers are developing car alarm, constantly improve the signal produced by introducing them to new technologies, to ensure the security of parcels sent from the fob to the alarm.

For example a new car signaling starline dialog has a new interactive code that can not be scanned kodgrabberom, but for complete confidence in the safety of your car, it is necessary not only to install car alarms, but setting mechanical locks, such as the lock on the checkpoint. Mechanical locks are very difficult to crack or open. By mechanically interlocking include: Castle CAT, the lock on the steering wheel lock on the hood. Kevin Ulrich gathered all the information. The lock on the steering wheel and gearshift lock made individually for each model of car, and the installation does not interfere with regular car parts. Castle CAT is installed under the center console and does not spoil the look of the car, lock the steering wheel mounted on the steering shaft and steering wheel locks in one position, the lock on the hood prevents the penetration of hood space. The lock on the hood is very effective to install with an immobilizer, which engine block wireless lock in the hood, set the lock and the lock on the checkpoint you can drive with the car alarm. Set your car on a mechanical lock and your car will be tough nut to crack for auto thieves. The longer it takes a thief to unlock various blockers, the more likely that the car will be waiting for you in the parking lot.

ABS Method

There are self-sealing lacquer, which, if significant damage is not restored by pulling themselves under high temperature – a great thing, but not racprostranennaya too, and these coatings are applied as a rule at the factory. The range of films, there are special protective polyurethane film that can protect the car from even slightly accident. Due to its elasticity can absorb avtovinil hit, such as stone and protect the body not only for its thick, but its structure, for PVC – it is essentially plastic and not for nothing that many automakers are making protective moldings, moldings and other details of the flexible and resilient plastic such as ABS. Thus, the benefits of film coating on the face, and I am convinced – if film coating can be automated or robotize, you probably went to the assembly line would laminated, not painted cars. Let’s talk about application techniques avtovinila.

Film is applied in two ways – wet – before the film is knurled and feature filled soap solution, which at the time deactivates the adhesive layer of the film and makes it easy to position the film on an element, then the soap solution and dry adhesive film becomes active again and is secured to the details in within 24 hours. Dry method application – a film taken from the ship rolled on the part soon, this method requires certain skills and save a decent amount of time, the advantage of the method is that the adhesive layer on the film has no effect, thus, avtovinil fixed on the surface more accurately. In a medium okleyschikov a division of the supporters of both wet and dry method, but it is nothing more than personal preferences, as, for example, transparent films are applied, exclusively, wet, or for example, when applied to complex graphics on the car of complex geometry and to focus on positioning graphic elements – the wet method is indispensable in the end, never saw that someone may be tinted to lift off, but it’s the same film is applied and it is always wet. After pasting the car watching for the appearance of blisters, peeling, wrinkles, etc. All this is eliminated, and the edges of the film is sealed with a special compound, which is an element in a vacuum, as is well known iron rusts when exposed to water and oxygen in the vacuum is not possible. Thus we have found another advantage avtovinila. Poditozhim. -Avtovinil is the most effective protective features, avtovinil can meet any aesthetic preference, are cheaper and more practical avtovinil traditional automotive paint-avtovinil is a reversible process, unlike paint or airbrush-avtovinil increases the residual value of your car, because preserves it.

Czech Republic

In 2008, one out of every thousand people in Russia with new cars got only 20 people. In developed European countries, a similar figure was 30-40. For Russia has managed to beat Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, equaling Portugal. In Moscow this figure exceeded the average by more than two raza.44, 5 cars per 1,000 inhabitants. Among the companies-carriers that specialize in transporting automobiles transporters, already frequently asked questions: how long it will last for the rapid growth of sales of passenger cars and when will they stabilize? The answer to these questions and more independent development strategy of forwarding companies: for the continuing growth of car sales leads to a permanent increase in demand of services of their traffic, and this causes the carriers to acquire an increasing number of transporters. Or acquire, if someone They take into account regularly discussed, but there has never confirmed the stabilization of car sales, or worse, to reduction in car sales. Unfortunately, clear and unambiguous predictions for that transport companies could rely on. 2006,2007,2008 record – a year, what next? Again, a record! "This here was mainly on the results of 2007 and, most importantly, the forecasts for the future, and very lightly.

Now the main thing: how long will such a rapid growth in car sales? And how many more car carriers will face the need to significantly expand its avtovoznye parks? Let us try to look into the future of Experience the world of practice, in particular, confirmed the trend in many countries and a clear dependence of the growth in GDP per capita and growth in the number of machines, per 1000 people. To understand how this experience can be spread to Russia, to accurately answer three basic questions: What if the GDP per capita of the country is stabilized fleet, when Russia's GDP will reach this level, what is an adequate number of cars per 1000 man and, finally, what is the long-term interest write-off for used cars? The analysis of all available data can provide two versions of events: the optimistic and pessimistic. One of the conditions first was the gradual increase in the number of cars per 1,000 Russians from 130 in 2003 to 300 in 2015. And on the basis of this forecast growth in annual sales of passenger cars in Russia will continue until 2015 and will reach 5.7 million, and then begin his two-year decline that will end the long-term stabilization at about 4,0-4,2 million cars a year. In this case, the coming year will be the last year of strong growth in sales. Two further they will still be increase, but more slowly, reaching a peak of 3.3 million, and then begin to decline just as smoothly, while in 2017 will not rise at about 2.5 million per year. It is worth noting that the run-up between the optimistic and pessimistic counting at least polutorakratny, and taking into account only one of them, you can easily make a mistake. One calms in our discussion that in the current year and three the following year, sales of passenger cars in Russia are still tend to increase, which means that investment in the expansion of park facilities and transporters on their acquisition will pay off. It remains to hope that by the time we wake up and the domestic auto industry, which create a decent competitive car, and then the transport capacity of the carrier vehicles can use not only on imports or import cars from abroad, but also to carry on transporters Russia.

Petersburg Tractor Factory

In our lives we are often faced with fakes. Forgery among agricultural machinery, alas, not uncommon. According to the dealers themselves, the range of counterfeited spare parts and technology today is very broad. Fakes among agricultural equipment, alas, not uncommon. What can we say about Russian 'craftsmen', when the thermostat is not fake or oil filter, and a tractor! Russian giants – Kirov Plant declares: 'Ostregaytes fakes! " Products subsidiary, the St. Petersburg Tractor Factory, the famous 'Kirovtsy' fake 'and from' forming technique, retired from the official production of counterfeit parts. ZAO Petersburg Tractor Factory '- a subsidiary of JSC "Kirov Plant" – the only manufacturer of tractors' Kirovets' and special machines based on them.

For a start, it should be noted that series tractors K-700, K700A, K 701, K-701-1, as well as their modification has been taken out of production in February 2002, these tractors mozheli morally outdated and no longer meet modern requirements of any state or buyers. Recently, the use of the notation "KIROVETS" the sale of tractors became widespread. The market operates are many organizations that you can buy tractors 'Kirovets' and machines based on them made independently of the parts and assemblies of dubious quality tractors and machinery under the alphanumeric characters (A-700A, K-701, K-701-1, K-702MA-PK6, K-702MVA-UDM2, etc.) similar to those used for 40 years, the Kirov factory (now JSC "Petersburg Tractor Plant"). While these designations are not is a registered trademark, nevertheless cause a consumer association with the trademark 'Kirovets' and confuses the buyer with respect to the manufacturer. Please note that in Russia Currently not built any new plant for production of wheeled tractors of traction class 5 and 8! ZAO Petersburg Tractor Plant "officially notify all interested parties that the license to use Trademark Kirovets any legal or physical persons in Russia was not provided. Keep in mind that dozens of organizations engaged in production and sales of tractors and spare parts to it, actively use the designation "KIROVETS" when offering these goods for sale (including promotional publications, brochures, the Internet, in the specialized exhibitions and fairs). Make sure that you get really high-quality products. ZAO Petersburg Tractor Plant "cherishes trademark 'Kirovets' and will take all measures envisaged by the legislation aimed at protecting their rights and interests and an end to the illegal use of the trademark.