Many motorists buying a new car, think that to protect your vehicle from theft, car alarm is sufficient to establish it and you can not worry about the safety of your vehicle. In fact, quite the not so. To date, all of the professional car thieves have in their arsenal scanners alarms. To scan and disable car alarm auto thieves takes about 2 minutes. Almost all manufacturers are developing car alarm, constantly improve the signal produced by introducing them to new technologies, to ensure the security of parcels sent from the fob to the alarm.

For example a new car signaling starline dialog has a new interactive code that can not be scanned kodgrabberom, but for complete confidence in the safety of your car, it is necessary not only to install car alarms, but setting mechanical locks, such as the lock on the checkpoint. Mechanical locks are very difficult to crack or open. By mechanically interlocking include: Castle CAT, the lock on the steering wheel lock on the hood. The lock on the steering wheel and gearshift lock made individually for each model of car, and the installation does not interfere with regular car parts. Castle CAT is installed under the center console and does not spoil the look of the car, lock the steering wheel mounted on the steering shaft and steering wheel locks in one position, the lock on the hood prevents the penetration of hood space. The lock on the hood is very effective to install with an immobilizer, which engine block wireless lock in the hood, set the lock and the lock on the checkpoint you can drive with the car alarm. Set your car on a mechanical lock and your car will be tough nut to crack for auto thieves. The longer it takes a thief to unlock various blockers, the more likely that the car will be waiting for you in the parking lot.