There are self-sealing lacquer, which, if significant damage is not restored by pulling themselves under high temperature – a great thing, but not racprostranennaya too, and these coatings are applied as a rule at the factory. The range of films, there are special protective polyurethane film that can protect the car from even slightly accident. Due to its elasticity can absorb avtovinil hit, such as stone and protect the body not only for its thick, but its structure, for PVC – it is essentially plastic and not for nothing that many automakers are making protective moldings, moldings and other details of the flexible and resilient plastic such as ABS. Thus, the benefits of film coating on the face, and I am convinced – if film coating can be automated or robotize, you probably went to the assembly line would laminated, not painted cars. Let’s talk about application techniques avtovinila.

Film is applied in two ways – wet – before the film is knurled and feature filled soap solution, which at the time deactivates the adhesive layer of the film and makes it easy to position the film on an element, then the soap solution and dry adhesive film becomes active again and is secured to the details in within 24 hours. Dry method application – a film taken from the ship rolled on the part soon, this method requires certain skills and save a decent amount of time, the advantage of the method is that the adhesive layer on the film has no effect, thus, avtovinil fixed on the surface more accurately. In a medium okleyschikov a division of the supporters of both wet and dry method, but it is nothing more than personal preferences, as, for example, transparent films are applied, exclusively, wet, or for example, when applied to complex graphics on the car of complex geometry and to focus on positioning graphic elements – the wet method is indispensable in the end, never saw that someone may be tinted to lift off, but it’s the same film is applied and it is always wet. After pasting the car watching for the appearance of blisters, peeling, wrinkles, etc. All this is eliminated, and the edges of the film is sealed with a special compound, which is an element in a vacuum, as is well known iron rusts when exposed to water and oxygen in the vacuum is not possible. Thus we have found another advantage avtovinila. Poditozhim. -Avtovinil is the most effective protective features, avtovinil can meet any aesthetic preference, are cheaper and more practical avtovinil traditional automotive paint-avtovinil is a reversible process, unlike paint or airbrush-avtovinil increases the residual value of your car, because preserves it.