Digital measuring systems create interfaces to online as well as offline content to connect with each other and to create an interactive experience of the exhibition once looks at the current development of communication tools are the own website and thus the Internet of one of the most important ways of communication. This online platform is directly followed by the trade fair participation. In part, this placement is of course on the different cost structures of the two instruments. However measuring can meet the different target just a few days, while on the other hand, the Internet makes all content available always and everywhere. By the strong digitalisation of communications and the high spread of smartphones or Tablet-PC BBs is the use of digital and interactive elements on the stand an ideal solution to merge two major communication tools and to take advantage of a personal and yet interactive booth. However, the connection between the offline world to the booth and online world with the digital content can complied with, as well as the entertainment factor be increased tremendously, but at the same time many additional content submit not only the communication needs of visitors without taking up floor space. Through the use of video-tape or 3D-Visualisieurngen exhibits can be presented without real used at the booth.

In addition information such as price lists or build videos can products in addition are presented and given the prospective customers via download, app, or USB-stick. By the constant availability of information and the targeted coordination of content of the fair can be extended online. Typically, a fair takes a few days to come with many visitors in the conversation and to share all relevant information. Online, the information can be used even after the fair and maximising the sentimental value to the fair site. Thus the digital and interactive content such as videos, music, presentations, price lists, or sweepstakes in the fair can be involved, it is a creation of interfaces. These interfaces provide the connection between the two worlds and allow for convenient and easy use of online content.

The establishment of the interfaces is very manifold. In addition to the well-known QR codes, these interfaces but also directly with the stand can be connected. This integration of the interfaces in the actual trade fair system ensures the advantage that all contents are carefully matched. The print motifs of the stand can be tuned to the digital content and promote thus the interest and the attention of visitors. Monitor mounts, as well as Tablet PC slabs ensure interactive content with the trade fair appearance in conjunction not only delivered, but also prominently presented. Just a Tablet PC goes down frequently due to its compact size. Even compact interfaces in scene can be used with stelae or bracket. The usage of such interfaces results in that digital mobile fair systems Trade fair stands. What integration opportunities it still exists, the mobile and digital exhibition systems from show that. Information, see. In the blog for additional information and applications of digital exhibition systems.