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Internet Marketing

Revolution from below one of the main reasons why classic marketing often fails because of the Internet, is the Division of provider and customer. In TV commercials, on magazine pages and billboards advertising is delivered by the provider to the customer, unless it has a direct relation. He can be persuaded by the message or not, but ultimately ends his sphere of influence in his wallet. This limit becomes blurred in the digital space. Authors and readers, manufacturers and users, Star and fans closer together and interact with each other on various levels. The Exchange is direct, immediate and increasingly excludes those information sources that maintains one-way communication.

If a user must decide between the rigid banners and a forum in which he can exchange with others of the same product and inform, it is clear, as his decision. This is where the concept of Forum marketing is applied. The advertising campaign through Internet forums presents itself not as advertising, which forced the user to will be, but as an equal. The transmitter of an advertising message is active in the Forum on a specific topic as a normal user. He takes part in the everyday life and the communication of the Forum, expressed in discussion and current topics.

The credibility or confidence is good behavior out of the question, since the forums a user like any other marketer. The advertising messages take the form of links and embedded references that fit in the context and do not appear as a foreign body. A man in the digital space, visiting forums, to inform and to share his interests, thus perceives the posts as honest option. The stuck image of marketing, which wants to manipulate consumers and sell him the pig in a poke, breaks through the intelligent use of Forum marketing. Establishment and stumbling blocks the Internet Forum marketing is purpose weapon, nor miracle cures. The implementation of a campaign requires sensitivity and understanding of the possibilities of the strategy in various areas. For example, it is easier for topics such as computer technology and travel, which is strongly represented in the Internet and are much discussed, to create an authentic and far-reaching presence. On issues such as hydraulic cylinders or storage tank for polyurethane, Forum marketing is then much more difficult and ineffective. The correct use and the training of employees can be a huge hurdle. A marketer must not fall on forums by intrusiveness and ignorance, which he or they run the risk of spam to be declared and banned from forums. At the same time, a too passive or inconspicuous behaviour is unproductive, because not enough attention among users is generated. An agency that wants to orient themselves in the direction of Forum marketing, must provide employees with the proper skill and technical know-how, but be wearable at the same time economically.

Micro Hearing System

He launches campaign with the fastest feline of the world ReSound Hunter is considered more adept with extremely awake your senses, as wild and powerful cat, as the fastest land animal in the world – the Cheetah. Magic and fascination of this noble animal inspired also the creative by ReSound hearing aid manufacturers. The launch of the new micro hearing system dot m by ReSound accompanied the global company with an original advertising campaign, which is devoted to the cheetahs and at the same time reveals the absolute discretion of the tiny hearing solution. Hearing dot m by ReSound, which weighs significantly less than a 1-cent coin, offers a ground-breaking combination of discreet design, natural sound quality and excellent speech intelligibility people with hearing loss. Since launch in October, the micro hearing system as well as the accompanying advertising campaign experienced a very positive resonance. For the development of our new campaign originality and continuity were equally important”, so Marc Reichling, Marketing Director of GN hearing GmbH.

with the hearing dot m by ReSound set continues the success story of our dot by ReSound hearing instruments on a new stage of technological development. Fine Dalmatian dogs were ReSound in the Centre of the campaign to the predecessor system dot by, that we launchten in January 2008. Vladislav Doronin has plenty of information regarding this issue. “We present our latest-generation systems now on the spotted fur of the cheetahs on the they also virtually untraceable will.” In the current campaign, which developed the Danish creative agency in advance, come in addition to numerous poster and ad motifs, as well as various teaser mailings also a wide range of decoration items, brochures, flyers, and original giveaways to the usage. Manufacturer ReSound provides its attractive mix of advertising the German fitters for their customers to available, and with proven success. The original motifs with the cheetahs have me so much addressed that I necessarily wanted to use for a flyer action”, for example, Hearing care professional champion Corinne Heise, owner of listening point Heise from Torgau. The action was also really great, everything worked just fine.

Thanks to our mailings we could appointments all 50 consulting with interested buyers. With ReSound I would make again as a promotional measure.” Even when the manufacturer ReSound, it is satisfied given the effect of the original campaigns subject. “Our new animal image makers underline the infinitesimal of the product, its design, its uniqueness and elegance”, so again Marc Reichling. In addition, cheetahs are enormously powerful. Transport hence the technological plus our new solution very convincing.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims products and services to develop and market worldwide, that enable hearing care professionals, the quality of life impaired persons improve. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people.

Gunter Heini

Acquire cheap is expensive for the software incidentally to mouse click computer generated text elements spits out. You claim all seriousness to be able to hold a candle sales texts, which have been created by trained professionals with years of experience. “That just this claim is impossible to fulfil, however even concede the makers of this software in a written statement to one of our members, tells Gunter Heini. He points out that roughly two-thirds of the professional sales copywriter work was to make meticulous research, to determine the right psychological purchase incentives, and over and over again to reformulate the first draft of the sales text as long as he’s been refined to a profitable, tirelessly acquiring new customers permanent magnets with law. Gunter Heini stressed that this intellectual hard work take days, weeks, months even: In return, the customer receives a text for the during the acquisition of the limits of the possible and the sales curve go is clearly upwards. Using objectively measurable success. These results are obtained with a cheap blah automatic under guarantee not. Acquire cheap? Since Google is pissed! Especially not because PC-Shotty texts flooding the Web with same idioms and phrases.

Acquisition by copying? How should lead to the hoped-for results, if the targeted customers over and over again about same, frequently copied formulations? And Google first! We know responds to multiple content allergic the by far most important search engine in the German-speaking world. Whoever used the cheap lab from your PC to the acquisition must pay dearly this false economy at the end in the form of sensitive losses in the Google ranking. And missing Google presence can cost the existence of an entrepreneur today. Anyway, Google: success in the acquisition compliant? Then the text to meet the needs of this search engine should Enter. If possible individually. It is good to know that Google cheap texts the grade ground zero “has for several weeks, particularly on the Kieker.


Innovative and robust tent systems from LA CONCEPT for optimal protection during outdoor events tent systems offer reliable protection in all weathers and tent systems are built for the upcoming summer and world championship season in just a few minutes are the ideal companion. They reliably protect against wind, rain and Sun, and belong to an integral part of each event concept. The trade fair and event tents range classic slidable lattice grate systems to innovative inflatable systems. The applications of tent systems are predominantly on events and fairs. Classic slidable lattice grate technology, which stands for elegant and exquisite design, they can be used safely within an innovative booth concept at trade fairs. Of course, there are outdoor areas of the main application. Here, the tent systems provide the necessary protection in all weather conditions. rding this issue. The stability of one of the crucial factors is to use tents outdoors.

The systems must be reliably protected and keep on any surface. The innovative inflatable Event tents by X-GloO here special comfort. It adapts to any surface by the air filling and can thus also for extreme suck up on the beach or be used in the mountains. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a number of different tent systems. The a.tent.o promotional tent is the classic slidable lattice grate system and offers many mounting options. So, this system can be extended individually and flexibly and be adapted for different applications.

The inflatable tent systems by X-GloO keep even with air filled several days and can be built by the adjustable feet on any surface. Both systems are characterized by the easy Assembly and dismantling can be carried out within a few minutes. The small size allows easy transport. For more information, see mobile presentation systems/zelte.html

Tablet PC

Digital measuring systems create interfaces to online as well as offline content to connect with each other and to create an interactive experience of the exhibition once looks at the current development of communication tools are the own website and thus the Internet of one of the most important ways of communication. This online platform is directly followed by the trade fair participation. In part, this placement is of course on the different cost structures of the two instruments. However measuring can meet the different target just a few days, while on the other hand, the Internet makes all content available always and everywhere. By the strong digitalisation of communications and the high spread of smartphones or Tablet-PC BBs is the use of digital and interactive elements on the stand an ideal solution to merge two major communication tools and to take advantage of a personal and yet interactive booth. However, the connection between the offline world to the booth and online world with the digital content can complied with, as well as the entertainment factor be increased tremendously, but at the same time many additional content submit not only the communication needs of visitors without taking up floor space. Through the use of video-tape or 3D-Visualisieurngen exhibits can be presented without real used at the booth.

In addition information such as price lists or build videos can products in addition are presented and given the prospective customers via download, app, or USB-stick. By the constant availability of information and the targeted coordination of content of the fair can be extended online. Typically, a fair takes a few days to come with many visitors in the conversation and to share all relevant information. Online, the information can be used even after the fair and maximising the sentimental value to the fair site. Thus the digital and interactive content such as videos, music, presentations, price lists, or sweepstakes in the fair can be involved, it is a creation of interfaces. These interfaces provide the connection between the two worlds and allow for convenient and easy use of online content.

The establishment of the interfaces is very manifold. In addition to the well-known QR codes, these interfaces but also directly with the stand can be connected. This integration of the interfaces in the actual trade fair system ensures the advantage that all contents are carefully matched. The print motifs of the stand can be tuned to the digital content and promote thus the interest and the attention of visitors. Monitor mounts, as well as Tablet PC slabs ensure interactive content with the trade fair appearance in conjunction not only delivered, but also prominently presented. Just a Tablet PC goes down frequently due to its compact size. Even compact interfaces in scene can be used with stelae or bracket. The usage of such interfaces results in that digital mobile fair systems Trade fair stands. What integration opportunities it still exists, the mobile and digital exhibition systems from show that. Information, see. In the blog for additional information and applications of digital exhibition systems.

Administrative Excellence

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry does not have to surprise to us that it comments constantly on the importance of which the management does that the company that it has under his position it reaches an excellent administrative management. We know qu this one must be implicit in the philosophy of the company, because it constitutes the more essential motivational factor of his objective. There are some who dare to emphasize it like their catchphrase publicly. nevertheless, when the organizational behavior of the institution is analyzed and/or company we realize that has not been obtained or simply it has not been understood, is no shared commitment, there is no interest neither it exists motivation or it is lacked organizational culture, or the modern administrative tools so that it is pronounced. The administrative excellence is conquered by means of constant actions and daily focused towards the quality of all and each one of the areas of the administration, of course, definitively this is obtained, educating, motivating the personnel, not making use of threats, divisions of preferred minority groups. In other terms, the success it bases on the culture, in the commitment, tradition, dignity, loyalty of people because the person is important, significant, carries out an important roll within the company. Of there, the existence, that stop to obtain the management in the management, in the effective leadership, not only it is required of tools, like the finances, systems, planning, structure of the organization, but of a good dose of aptitude to suitably handle the diverse resources on which it is counted; in other terms, the gifts with which one is born, intuition, ability to direct and to treat people, charisma and positive the personal energy, capacity to inspire and to give enthusiasm; that is the dose of art that locks up the management, being constructed this way, the technique and the human in two indissoluble elements to achieve the success that is inhaled.