The current reality directs us to the extremely rapid rate, which is sufficiently productive to rise to numerous difficulties and the need for periodic rehabilitation. While the recovery period for personalities that exist in the environment of the huge city, you will need as much as possible coming to the natural parameters of reality. In other words, the optimal solution – is to head to the hostel, which is located at a distance from large cities, close to nature. At the moment, it provides exposure to fresh air a good rest at the Russian camp sites can enjoy the highest level of popularity, giving little exclusively coastal beaches in summer time working holidays. Because that rest in Novosibirsk provides an opportunity not only to escape from the city, and simultaneously improve the health of the organism to beautiful nature, indulge in a real Russian bath-house, ride on horseback or snowmobile engines, in direct relation to season and personal preferences. For fans of fishing and hunting on the majority of modern recreation provided likelihood organize favorite pastime.

With such a large number of camp sites is likely to come as a small company of comrades, to the same extent, and all family. Today's recreation centers are a fashionable individual houses, which have not only guest rooms, but also a kitchen with all required equipment, often have rooms for billiards and a fireplace. Sometimes arranged horseback riding, as it really is a traditional Slavic passion. In addition, it is believed that riding is not inferior in many ways to communicate with dolphins in the water, but such an occupation in the world can be attributed not only to extraordinary entertainment, but also beneficial to the health procedures. As intelligent animals perceive the internal tension of each of us, and intuitive help from him heal. Anyone who at least once in your life riding a horse, realize that the habit is not easy, but the pleasure can not be compared to anything else. After a trip on horseback disappears inside a strong stress on the presence of which man is often not even aware. However, realistically choose more modern entertainment, such as snowmobiling, buggies, skate, snowboard. It is possible to organize a contest to shooting bowls in the winter – to ride a sled, and at any time of year to enjoy walks in the dense forest or in the open air barbecue. When choosing a relaxation in the Russian tourist centers, you'll be able to verify that level of service to them even in fact corresponds to the European, and yet at the same time retain an unusual atmosphere of the Russian classical relaxation, which later actually remember a period of not single year.