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It is the birth of Jesus, who in a simple manger came stops saving in them. A so special and sublime love that nobody can understand. Today the families interpret the Christmas as a simple exchange of gifts. This is good, but, it is not the main reason of the birth of Jesus.

Jesus came to show to the world and the people how much the love is important. in these days of today, the word love has been so distant of the hearts of the people. The life already does not have as much value. The formation of values is contested at every moment. The love left of being the main essence of the families.

The children already are not more the targets of dedicated parents. The parents in turn complain that the children are other people’s to the teachings and the formation of values. The papers if had inverted in so disastrous way that the families do not have time of if congregating around a table, for simpler than either, and to thank to the love and the union. The word of God says: that we must love the next one as to we ourselves. But as to make of this a constant in our lives if nor the least we say our proper familiar simple I love I you; you are important for me, you do not know to live without its aid, etc. To love are to want well, are to respect, are to divide the problems, are to search in the other a shoulder friend when we need; he is to fortify the unit through the love. Pure love, without hatred, rancor, badness. Love that surpasses all independent one of the time and the place. Love in the essence of the word means zeal, care, affection. A so small word, but, of so great ratio. About this Christmas, let us think about Jesus, who had in the family the essential valuation of the love of God. Let us search the love fraternal. The love that is of brother stops with another brother, of husband for woman, father par son, son for father, friend for friend. Any that either the love, that either true. As Russian Renato in one of its songs says:

Prewedding Bride

Buying a wedding dress – safe and pleasant thing. To make sure your choice has been successful, you need to pay attention to some points. By following our recommendations, you pick exactly the dress that will feel like a queen in this unforgettable day. First, imagine a general style of her wedding dress. And since the recent order bride is not always associated with white, good and would determine the color.

And what the colors may be your wedding dress, it must allocate among your guests, that is to be exclusive. If you are going to get married after the wedding, should make sure that you have not experienced discomfort in the church because of too bare shoulders or neckline. You will have to choose a wedding dress or a private outfit to add a cape, a bolero or a cape. Ask advertising leaflets and directories of wedding salons, ask about They and their friends make a list of salons that are going to visit. It is worth beforehand to find out what Pre or seasonal promotions and discounts are planned in the foreseeable future in these salons. If you lucky, you can buy high quality clothes at very affordable price. Obzvanivaya salons, be sure to ask, are charged a fee for trying on.

There will be a shame if your ignorance will lead to sensitive situations, and ruin your pre-holiday mood. Wedding – one of the most important events, so buying a wedding dress is worth it to devote at least a whole day. Plan in advance and is not distracted to any other cause. If in the process of selecting a style of wedding dress you like any models from fashion magazines, directories, lock them in the campaign for a wedding salons. You may have found the right style dress Internet – try to make a printout or sketch. The consultant will pick up any interior you wedding dress is much faster if it is to imagine exactly what you want. To determine the length of skirts, try on a dress should be in the shoes. Best in those in which you will be at the wedding. If the shoes have not yet purchased – take all for trying, heel which approximately the height, what do you plan for your wedding shoes. To a wedding salon you are not asked to remove makeup, go shopping with a minimum of makeup on her face. After all, you will be put on and take off a lot of dresses, often very expensive. It is not necessary to wipe them their lipstick or powder. Trying on a wedding dress, evaluate not only the look, make sure the outfit does not constrains movements – walk, lift arms out of it at the mirror, take a few dance moves. In no If not guided solely to the entreaties of sellers: "You have to face so this dress! And do it for you not to "pops." In addition, all brides lose weight before the wedding. " If the dress is not your size, or you are not comfortable in it – do not jump to purchase. Choose a wedding dress is best with a "personal adviser" – a relative or close friend that has the ability to taste and dress. Your companion will be able to consider you to try on clothes from all sides objectively evaluate and give advice. If you're in a wedding dress like you own "personal advisor", and your reflection in the mirror do you like this dress – YOU.

Dresses Straight

Try to accentuate the chest, and skirt do bomber or even a straight 6. Bare back. Denude her back only if you can boast of a regal bearing, 7. Pregnant bride dress suit with high-waisted trouser suit or 8. Wide hips. If you want to 'hide' the problematic part of the body – distract attention from her.

If you hide the full hips, do the accent on the bodice gown, embroidered with him, decorate with flowers, choose the original cut corset, 9. Broad shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, minimize the cutout on the bodice, straight skirt give up 10. Narrow shoulders and hips luxurious – try a ball gown. Do not suggest direct silhouettes. Instead, open shoulders – Please! 11. Big breasts and hips. In this case, you suitable low waistline and gorgeous neckline (A-Line).

No – too pompous and inflated style waist 12. Thalia. Girls without a waist should choose dresses 'Empire'. Brides Low Waist – Dresses from 'A-Line'. Neither one nor the other go straight cuts. Listen to the advice of the seller and try on not only what you like, but the fact that an experienced consultant recommends. And never agree to buy a wedding dress, if you do not like a little or cause the slightest discomfort. Remember, the bride – you! And you decide what to wear on the most important celebration in your life. Rent, sewing or still buying our mother and grandmother sewed her wedding dress at the tailors of the deficit.

Three Years

Many parents are constantly afraid of age-related crises in children, "seasoned" parents tell us how difficult and unruly children are in these periods. But as they say, devil is not so bad as he is painted. What is crisis of three years. Is it worth it really so afraid of? How to behave and how to help a kid in a complex, and for him time. Every child is unique and we should not think that once he turns 3 years, there will come the same notorious crisis of three years. Every child he comes at different times, in some 2 – 2.5, while others may be in 4 years.

Just going to the turn three years old, need to prepare for what will soon happen. So, why is a crisis? As is well known mental development of children, as well as any of us, is not uniform, but cyclical. Until three years the child is not aware of himself as a separate identity, an understanding of this comes to him just three years. He identifies his "self" and, of course, wants to do everything himself. The child becomes aware of itself person – a single and unique. Many parents simply cease to recognize their sweet little angels. Toddlers begin to contradict, there is a desire to do everything independently, even that which he can not. There sits a crumb, and the third hour of tying the string, and all your attempts to help you hear just nervous, "No, I do." Of course, we often inconvenient independence of our kids.

Nature And Children

Children – tireless researchers around the world. This feature is built into them from birth. The problem of adults – develop and consolidate the cognitive and emotional attitude towards the world, including, for nature. Necessary to educate a child the ability to understand the nature as it really is, with all natural, so simple and at the same time in the great harmony of its properties. Need to be taught child to analyze and summarize what they see. At the first opportunity, at any time of year, go to the child in the woods to the river, the park, go down into ravines, climb to the tops of hills to see the clouds, the sun's rays. When go into the woods, take a small treat for wild animals, maybe you are lucky to see a mouse or squirrel agile, to admire the work of a woodpecker. The joy of the living beast will long be remembered children will awaken in them a desire to know more, there will be good feelings for nature.

You can wake up in the morning, watch out the window with the child in order for the weather today. If the window is shining bright sun, we can offer go for a walk. And if the sky is overcast and drizzling rain, promising much joy ride in rubber boots and an umbrella in the puddles! And how interesting to see the child outside the first snow, white and clean. In each season, in Each of his twelve-month period has its own charm, its own joy. Children often do not have the patience to observe nature every day.

And for this purpose was invented and developed educational game "Weather", which can be priobesti in our online store educational toys 'Smart crumb'. With this game, your child will become a little magician who can create all kinds of weather: the one that sees through the window, the weather, which will be the birthday of the fall, spring. The aim of this game – to arouse interest of the child to the world. With the game itself will be able to simulate a child weather: rain or snow, wind or clouds, will in a playful way to get answers to questions such as why is rain, what it consists of a cloud, what is lightning, thunder and why the wind blows, as there is dew. Together with the baby try to predict the weather, which will assume tomorrow. Assignments will require the game from the child the attention and observation. He learns keen eye for natural phenomena and to draw conclusions from what he sees around him. The package includes game pictures, cards, figurines of children, puzzles. Can offer your child choose appropriate clothes for the weather to unravel mysteries about the features of natural phenomena (the seasons, wind, water, hail, thunder, ice, frost, lightning, frost, rainbow, mist, icicle, etc.). All of this contributes to the development of imagination, thought and uptake.


The current reality directs us to the extremely rapid rate, which is sufficiently productive to rise to numerous difficulties and the need for periodic rehabilitation. While the recovery period for personalities that exist in the environment of the huge city, you will need as much as possible coming to the natural parameters of reality. In other words, the optimal solution – is to head to the hostel, which is located at a distance from large cities, close to nature. At the moment, it provides exposure to fresh air a good rest at the Russian camp sites can enjoy the highest level of popularity, giving little exclusively coastal beaches in summer time working holidays. Because that rest in Novosibirsk provides an opportunity not only to escape from the city, and simultaneously improve the health of the organism to beautiful nature, indulge in a real Russian bath-house, ride on horseback or snowmobile engines, in direct relation to season and personal preferences. For fans of fishing and hunting on the majority of modern recreation provided likelihood organize favorite pastime.

With such a large number of camp sites is likely to come as a small company of comrades, to the same extent, and all family. Today's recreation centers are a fashionable individual houses, which have not only guest rooms, but also a kitchen with all required equipment, often have rooms for billiards and a fireplace. Sometimes arranged horseback riding, as it really is a traditional Slavic passion. In addition, it is believed that riding is not inferior in many ways to communicate with dolphins in the water, but such an occupation in the world can be attributed not only to extraordinary entertainment, but also beneficial to the health procedures. As intelligent animals perceive the internal tension of each of us, and intuitive help from him heal. Anyone who at least once in your life riding a horse, realize that the habit is not easy, but the pleasure can not be compared to anything else. After a trip on horseback disappears inside a strong stress on the presence of which man is often not even aware. However, realistically choose more modern entertainment, such as snowmobiling, buggies, skate, snowboard. It is possible to organize a contest to shooting bowls in the winter – to ride a sled, and at any time of year to enjoy walks in the dense forest or in the open air barbecue. When choosing a relaxation in the Russian tourist centers, you'll be able to verify that level of service to them even in fact corresponds to the European, and yet at the same time retain an unusual atmosphere of the Russian classical relaxation, which later actually remember a period of not single year.

The Life

The period of preparation for a marriage, that if perspective with great probabilities of success, is not depleted in the set of rules, practical values and, finished to enunciate. They are, only, some suggestions, between many other possible e, eventually, better how much to its effectiveness. In the truth prescriptions or formulas for the happiness do not exist, nor for the absolutely successful marriage, to the level of the incorporeal values. The happiness and all the success associated it, in the marriage, is constructed throughout the marriage life, is as, metaforicamente analyzed, to frequentar a course, during all the life and, moment the moment, to have a continuous evaluation with some instruments of measure. So that the course that if goes to frequentar and if can conclude with success, here assigned for marriage, it is therefore, essential that the preparation is efectuada with severity, with seriousness and determination. In the wise words of Pious IX, led back to the context of its time: ' ' Great care must be put in the choice of the spouse. On this choice the happy result of the marriage depends, rank that necessarily this spouse have-of being for the other a great aid, in the Christian fulfilment of the duties of the marriage life, or a power an obstacle for this fulfilment. Therefore, in order not to have that to lament hardly all the life sad results of a done choice slightly is necessary that the ones that they desire to contract matrimnio they wise deliberate on the choice of the person which if goes to join if

Two Months

05.07.20l0? two months of the first Gustavo grandson All we congregate in them to commemorate its two months of life. Our prince, enters a crisis of cries soft and a reflection moment, obtains to photograph it our will, clearly! Then we break the cake, this, after it having last of hand in hand, as a toy that all we wanted for us. I think, who at some moments it looked at its parents wanting to say, ' ' me they leave quieto' '. We, in our immense joy with this so teeny and defenseless being, only wanted to aquietar it in our arms and to appreciate its beauty. They had been perfect moments that we know will be repeated.

When it was in my col, whispered for it ' ' you are my grandson, our grandson, you love it very to I. You are wanted by all. A blessed child, I do not get tired myself to repeat. There, in them who was announced would be its godfathers, asks that already it sounded to my ears has some time, is normal, I knows of this. The difficult task of the choice, that only fits exactly to the parents, was well for us received. We are with one pontinha of jealousy, however many factors weigh in this decision. Mila and Habib, friends who, I have the certainty love it they will love and it forever. They will be part of its life, thus I wait.! I trust them! Kisses loved mine. V, or vov, as you to want.

Talking Flowers

NEW ON THE MARKET floristic! Talking flowers! Flowers – it is always well thought out deep within the meaning of a gift. Complete its inscription, a picture and it will be a sensual and unforgettable. We all love to receive gifts, but the choice gift for many turns in a solid meal. Often give something useful tools do not allow, what we can choose to colleagues or loved one to a few hundred rubles? Donated to the standard gadgets gathering dust on shelves sometimes, by his standard, not even recalling the giver. How to make a gift unique? That's what we'll talk. To begin with let us turn to the most trivial – lively colors.

Custom to give flowers to go far-distant past. Flowers are given for a birthday, wedding, birth of children, on any other occasion, and sometimes just wrong. There is a special language of flowers, which gives you a bouquet to express almost any feelings – from love to hatred of timid hope to achieve a definitive failure. But now the language of flowers out of fashion, very few people know the value of a particular flower or color. And so eager to flower was not easy, especially, hinted about feelings, asking disturbing questions. Everyone, especially the male half of humanity, often brings bouquets of roses, tulips, lilies, orchids, wanting to express their feelings, to say something very important, or just make sweet loved one! And there are times when you feel for a guilty or not find the right words at the presentation of the bouquet! How would like to see flowers at the right time themselves uttered the phrase cherished, showed how strong your feelings! Another case – you're going to a birthday to my best friend.

Intuitive Parenting

With the birth of the child, and even when planning the child's birth, every parent thinks about how to raise it? Cost is to beat the child, punish, and perhaps give him complete freedom in the knowledge of this vast world? A someone allows himself not to strain his boundless intellect, education and gives his child into the hands of intuition. And what is this "intuition" and how it relates? Does it help or just crazy ideas? By itself, a phenomenon intuition has not been investigated fully. Perhaps this is also not possible to prove the existence of a UFO, but then … that it is present in the heart of every mother is a fact. How can a young girl, inexperienced mother to know when and what you need it tsenneyshemu daze? Are right those who say that by choosing each time the same combination of action (eg to feed, change diaper, put to sleep), a woman accustomed to the cry of a child (because every time he kind of). Yes. Will right.

But what about the time to explain what is not prepared by women who do not read the Talmud on the correct conception, nurturing and upbringing, and only amenable to his "sixth sense", make fewer mistakes in child care than carefully prepared mommy? What if we look deep into this mystery. What is the "intuition"? Intuition – pozdnelat. Lat. intuitio – contemplation, from Lat. intueor – stare.

Consideration of the phenomenon studied by many scientists, psychologists and philosophers. One suggestion is that intuition is the experience that comes in a particular situation from the unconscious, without any logical costs. Maybe. But in raising the child, the most important role played by your own upbringing. Or rather how raised you. It is believed that a woman is looking for a wife in the likeness of his father, a guy in the image of the mother.