It is often preceded by a shadow-boxing sparring. Ie Prepares the item is before the fight with a real contender. It helps you to tune in to the upcoming battle, concentrate, once again to decide its tactics and goals that must be achieved. 2. If you perform shadow boxing in front of a mirror, you can easily see their mistakes, shortcomings in the art, and accordingly try to fix them. We must understand that when worked through one exercise – all easily and accurately obtained. When you work at random, are using many different elements and ligaments – begin to emerge error: somewhere down the arm and opened the jaw, which is not dovernul leg or body, which had started “to sink”.

One coach said this: Do you know the difference between a master of sports of the MMR (master candidate)? The fact that the master is always watching trivia, and KMSnik – no! They seem to know everything equally. Everyone knows how to do the same security features that attack, a combination of … But it comes to battle, and then forgets about KMSnik much and starts to make mistakes. A master remembers and does not make mistakes. That’s why he and Master! 3. After learn a new elements and techniques useful to their work out and repeated in any rhythm.

Shadowboxing just helps to do it. Must learn to connect the new combinations and techniques with the already well- acquaintances. In the real battle is extremely difficult to do. The real fight – it’s always the adrenaline, speed and emotion. At this point hardly keep track, your fist is wrapped to the end, there are no bending at the elbow during the impact, whether there are feet. As a result, without developing new items in a battle with the shadow you will again return to the old and tried methods and thus inhibit its development. 4. Shadowboxing learn to think. During the battle, can you imagine how the enemy, and accordingly as he countered. You see how he keeps his distance, as the attack as part of the melee, as protected. Of course look to himself. But this mental representation must be your real actions that you honed, apply to this fight. 5. Shadowboxing, using dumbbells – a classic element of training, beloved by many coaches. The main effect of this exercise – rapid growth speed boxer. Working with dumbbells, greatly increases the load on the hands. But under such a load is not primarily trained physical strength, namely the speed of the ejection arm. From the above we can simple conclusion: the competent and informed to the implementation of such an element as “Boy with a shadow” allows the boxer constantly progress and improve their results in many respects.