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It is often preceded by a shadow-boxing sparring. Ie Prepares the item is before the fight with a real contender. It helps you to tune in to the upcoming battle, concentrate, once again to decide its tactics and goals that must be achieved. 2. If you perform shadow boxing in front of a mirror, you can easily see their mistakes, shortcomings in the art, and accordingly try to fix them. We must understand that when worked through one exercise – all easily and accurately obtained. When you work at random, are using many different elements and ligaments – begin to emerge error: somewhere down the arm and opened the jaw, which is not dovernul leg or body, which had started “to sink”.

One coach said this: Do you know the difference between a master of sports of the MMR (master candidate)? The fact that the master is always watching trivia, and KMSnik – no! They seem to know everything equally. Everyone knows how to do the same security features that attack, a combination of … But it comes to battle, and then forgets about KMSnik much and starts to make mistakes. A master remembers and does not make mistakes. That’s why he and Master! 3. After learn a new elements and techniques useful to their work out and repeated in any rhythm.

Shadowboxing just helps to do it. Must learn to connect the new combinations and techniques with the already well- acquaintances. In the real battle is extremely difficult to do. The real fight – it’s always the adrenaline, speed and emotion. At this point hardly keep track, your fist is wrapped to the end, there are no bending at the elbow during the impact, whether there are feet. As a result, without developing new items in a battle with the shadow you will again return to the old and tried methods and thus inhibit its development. 4. Shadowboxing learn to think. During the battle, can you imagine how the enemy, and accordingly as he countered. You see how he keeps his distance, as the attack as part of the melee, as protected. Of course look to himself. But this mental representation must be your real actions that you honed, apply to this fight. 5. Shadowboxing, using dumbbells – a classic element of training, beloved by many coaches. The main effect of this exercise – rapid growth speed boxer. Working with dumbbells, greatly increases the load on the hands. But under such a load is not primarily trained physical strength, namely the speed of the ejection arm. From the above we can simple conclusion: the competent and informed to the implementation of such an element as “Boy with a shadow” allows the boxer constantly progress and improve their results in many respects.

Help How Do I Off The Butyric Acid

Tips and information on smell, stench, butyric acid, stale air odor reduction smell stops odour butyric acid, butyric acid attack stink bomb here first aid tips – emergency: how to save unnecessary expensive service services if you edit the odor sources in a timely manner. Let not ripping himself off, because it is also far cheaper! DOOGSAN Saureneutralisator you need to find the source of the odor, and may not cover them with the Saureneutralisator. Continue only after thorough treatment, and neutralizing by other means. The butyric acid is sometimes milky. (Depending on the thickness of the affected area.) Who blurred the surfaces, increased the odor and distributes the butyric acid. That’s why you need to follow this advice. Otherwise fairly even more. When working with acids to provide a vessel with a solution Saureneutralisator from bottle.

Splashes immediately to neutralize and flush with plenty of water. Unpleasant odours z.B in the Refrigerator be absorbed by DOOGSAN SURENEUTRALISATOR. Attacks on cars. Here we have the experience that the victims have first prepared a mixture of Saureneutralisator and water. So you have to put on gloves and old clothes. Another experience has revealed that the unbearable smell has greatly diminished.

An evaporation in connection with the diluted lye in water, showed that butyric acid neutralizing worked, and at the same time had the odour control and reduction effect. The injured party with the fabrics had a humidifiers or Nebulizers about 6 hours and in extreme cases up to 12 hours to soak. Afterwards, the victim had a sweet-smelling car. This application must be done immediately! Then start the treatment with JUMOMAT and DOOGSAN. With light JUMOMAT Saureneutralisator spray process wet handle 1 seats/cushions, carpets, rubber mouldings, doors, sky. Thus, the acid is neutralized. Caution butyric acid forming gases and can the lungs and respiratory tract, as well as cause a burning sensation in the eyes. Effect of heat, the butane acid gas is flammable and explosive. !!!!!! Within 72 hours, you must neutralize the odor source, otherwise crystallized in butyric acid attack please no pre-cleaning contact the butane acid. Refrain from the best the home remedy tips that we often have heard, such as Cola, coffee vinegar or wipe with water. Achieve just the opposite with butyric acid, thereby multiplying the smell. Often, users must then find the odor source, which was wiped out. Believe us, because we have communicated many times before it get. Please contact for problem cases such as milk / butyric acid, strong animal odors, odors of decay, etc.. We advise you gladly 06127-2851 or hurry you are because it need not long time to stink. Also beware of uberteuerden services. Some suspect this much money you don’t need to pay! To quickly, efficiently and professionally advise you allow of us, and that matching Recommend an antidote. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kevin Ulrich. Ferdinand Siemon 9.03.2008

Mainz Marathon Training

Our franchise partner Juraj Gubi at the marathon fair in Mainz next weekend Dormagen know, may 4, 2010 this weekend (8th and 9th May 2010) the team of as an exhibitor at the marathon fair in Mainz is at the start. Interested runners have the opportunity to get to know our new franchise partner in Mainz, Juraj Gubi. The trained 40 years is long established as a personal trainer in Mainz and has now expanded its portfolio to include of the professional endurance performance diagnosis. As a former ATP ranking player Juraj Gubi can look back on a more than 10-year career as a professional tennis player. He gives now there experience with its holistic approach to its customers. As a certified nutrition consultant and certified sports scientists, he has also always good tips for an efficient training in combination with healthy eating ready.

While usually only top athletes could benefit from a professional performance diagnostics, has this modern form of training control now also found in the recreational and mass sport their way. Now classic endurance athletes such as marathon runners, cyclists or triathletes can adjust their training load and the scope of their training with the support of on the individual requirements and objectives. Also in the gym, weight loss and nutritional consulting an energy metabolism analysis can be useful, but only as optimal individual training zones can be determined. Traditional methods, such as for example the Laktatdiagnostik, here are reaching their limits and can deliver more than rough estimates. Offering a diagnosis, all athletes in the room Mainz can benefit from Juraj Gubi immediately by one of the most modern analytical methods in endurance performance diagnosis. Sports scientists Gubi professional uses as one of the first providers worldwide the aero to its measurements.

With the aero one professional can determine individual training zones, without having to athletes from this burden must. Annoying blood weight loss such as with a lactate test or uncomfortable mask the classical clinical respiratory gas analysis (Spiroergometry), include the aero professional is of the past. Thanks to the aero scan “said method can first determine training zones based on an individual analysis of energy metabolism. To do this, a few breaths through the handy mouthpiece range already. From this data, scan, usually not much longer than 10 minutes to complete, determine individual training zones, where the athlete to exercise healthy and most of all effective leave in the wake of the aero. Juraj Gubi is tied to his performance diagnostics service not at a test center and therefore gladly comes to you in the Studio, or supervised directly at your site. Get to know Juraj Gubi and on 8 and 9 May 2010 on the runner fair of the Mainz Marathon in the Rheingoldhalle (input Jockel-Fuchs-Platz). Detailed information about the offer of our new franchise partner in Mainz also in the Internet at mainz.html or at. Andreas Heinen head of corporate communications

Dormagen Aeroscan

Great interest for the aeroscan at the marathon fair Dormagen, April 1, 2010 for performance Diagnostician Thomas Kanana the Freiburg Marathon Expo was a real home game. The 30-year franchise partner of took advantage of the well-attended event to present itself to its future customers. Together with Andreas Kaminski from the Dormagen headquarters of he has many useful tips on how they can improve their athletic endurance performance the runners and runners. Certainly been the one or the other party here, which has already the next marathon in sight and with a healthy and effective training to prepare. Some partners were interested in very the new kind of endurance performance diagnosis and future cooperation.

Now, athletes of all disciplines in the Freiburg, you can determine your individual training zones based on the aeroscan can have. The measurement professional with the help of the aeroman in 10 minutes can be done, is intended not only for professionals. Also Sporteinsteiger and older people can benefit from the new type of training control. Loading areas, which are tailored to the personal athletic goals, empty can”avoid training sessions. A full physical exertion and the annoying loosen, as with conventional performance tests, can be eliminated thanks to the new methodology of the aeroscan. The aeroscan also for the special requirements of the weight reduction is thanks to the accurate measurement of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. In combination with dietary advice can be optimally the individual fat burning range adjust to the intensity of the associated sporting movement.

Stubborn training much helps the motto much”is thanks to the new method of the past. The test center by diploma-sport scientists KLINGENBERG is located in the salt Road 1 in Freiburg. Thanks to the high-quality home h/p/cosmos and Daum Ergometer, with him to the Use get, accurate measuring results for endurance, fitness and health athletes can be achieved. More information on the subject of performance diagnostics with the aeroman professional find freiburg and on the Web at. Andreas Heinen head of corporate communications

Web Marcus

Half marathon runner Marcus Schmidt Gets a running Jersey of a special kind of Dormagen at the booth, May 26, 2010 next weekend with the Koblenz Mittelrhein-Marathon of one of the most scenic courses of in Germany is on the agenda. As official partner of diagnosis is also the team of on-site and informed during the marathon fair on the benefits of individual training control. Before the start on Saturday the ambitious runner and personal trainer Marcus Schmidt for his half marathon is a special Jersey is”slip over. Come from 11 o’clock at the booth of in the Sporthalle Oberwerth and surprise yourself. Also the Dormagener forward diagnostic professionals, to hand over a prize the winner and the winner of the Marathon at the award ceremony.

Already in the run-up to the marathon the Dormagen diagnostic professionals had organized an evening lecture, in which the participants on the latest developments in the modern endurance performance diagnosis inform could. There are answers to the questions why a training principle how much helps a lot”is not useful and why the Laktatdiagnostik not necessarily holds that, promise. A few days later the sportsmen and sportswomen then even during a test day in Koblenz were aeroscan complete the and adjust their training in this way on the basis of individual training zones. with a booth at the marathon fair at the Oberwerth Sports Hall is represented on the Friday and Saturday. Here can the runners and runners pick up their start documents themselves and cover themselves by the way with the latest sports clothing. For an individual performance check, although no opportunity is on the days of the fair, but for a few tips and a little shop talk is always to have the team of At the booth also appointments for one can be made aeroscan, with the runners, more effective and healthier can make your future training. Find the directions to the Oberwerth Sports Hall, in the Internet under. learn more about our starter in the Middle Rhine Marathon, Marcus Schmidt, visit his Web site at. See for information on endurance performance diagnosis.

What Is Electro-stimulation ?

The electrical impulses generated by the stimulators, or generators, can stimulate different types of nerve fibers: the motor nerve, the effect is to cause a muscle mechanical response (muscle) certain types of sensory nerve fibers in order to achieve effects and pain relieving endorphin ( anti-pain, massage) The principle of operation of the electro-muscle is triggered by an external stimulus, muscle contraction, replacing the commands of our brain. When we decided to contract a muscle, your brain sends a command in the form of electrical currents that travel at high speed through the nerve fibers. When they arrive at their destination, these electrical currents excite the motor nerve that transmits the information immediately triggering muscle and muscle contraction. With the electro-muscle, excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve by electrical impulses “optimal” for the safety and comfort of use. ACTIONS: Redesigning the silhouette The electro-stimulation by itself can not lose weight, only cardio-vascular work associated with power control is successful.

The action of the electro-stimulation is located at the silhouette (firming, toning …) and tissues (orange peel effect, fat depot …). The electro-muscle does not replace a regime is an ally but very effective in keeping the silhouette. Optimizing a meeting of the electro-musculation sport has been used for many years by athletes and sports physiotherapist for the preparation, recovery and because it allows to achieve visible and measurable results. Relieving pain excitation of nerve fibers by micro-electrical impulses are imposed as a technique to combat the pain. This electro-therapy antalogica currently used very commonly, especially in medicine and in rehabilitation centers specializing in pain management. The accuracy of the currents can run perfectly antalgic action in accordance with the conditions (back pain, muscle atrophy, bone or joint injury) * * Some conditions and certain post-operational reeducators need special precautions.

Nike Shoes

No movement of the foot inside the shoe and the heel slippage, I certainly was not. Deserves special thanks as material used in creating Technology of the inner layer. He insanely soft, I would say a teddy. Because of this foot is very comfortable in sneakers and even without socks. But all this music is also applicable for the model II. If so, then there totally reasonable question, what is the difference between the Nike Zoom Kobe III () and its predecessor? The main difference – in weight trainers.

As you know, Kobe is always looking for a lightweight running shoes as much as possible, without sacrificing quality. And in this lies the main thrust of the differences, as compared to the "predecessor, ZK3 thinner" as much as 75 grams. Of course, the maximum percentage of won grams fell on the outer covering of sneakers, from which the designers have managed to "Bite" all that is possible. That is why in these shuzah upper part is represented by approximately equal-sized rectangles, starting from the top of the sneakers and going down, not reaching the "finger the box. " Looking at this, brittle, at first glance, the design, one might twist a finger to his temple and tell the designers that they have shoes – a damn "no tenants!" Looking at ZK3 I had no idea where to These sneakers will undertake to support the foot. Of course, they have a high altitude others like her high lacing, a massive backdrop and the stabilization shaft. But all this really is not enough! In part, provides support for the foot built into the thickness of the inner side of the shoe plate. Frankly, ZK3 not all that bad for this indicator, but still, compared to its predecessor in terms of support of the foot, these shoes have made confident retrograde step.