This trend can be in better results especially since not a few sale formats transform red numbers write, Albrecht in Germany which has the most loyal customers. Current studies have shown that customer satisfaction (assortment, price / performance, service) in stationary stores is upgradeable, the changes on the part of the demand is underway and differentiations indicate considerable reserves. If unknown is where the intersection between online and offline branch network is, little will change. According to the experts of Kuhn, overlooks one important too often or changed more cost than under the binding aspects of the customer. Worthwhile insights remain unused for stationary stores: offer / range, popularity of the Web provider, purchase suggestion, strongest and weakest purchase period, buyer, date of purchase, purchase time, purchase amount, etc.. When will the desire to buy in stores? Stationary stores make joy always concentrate on your strengths, that offer what online do not exist.

The new exhibits by Vorwerk, Miele, Thalia, Globus Berlin, pull & bear, Macy’s Cincinnati / United States or Bloomingdale’s Chicago prove it (already with the – receipt and the Google Wallet). Make the mark, branch”visible, tangible and anfass. They were equipped with modern technologies. At work, employees are supported by touch screens and the associated inventory management system, photo features in the changing area allow quick photos to send. Interactive video walls offer an additional need for individualization on-site access to the Web-shop and communicate via local, mobile and social networks so that new purchase requests can be perpetually generate.

The importance of Smartphone and Tablet PC according to they are involved in the buying advice and settlement as well as in the remote Filialrevision. On the funds will be paid without cash and without contact and / or via receipt, proof of purchase documents. The referral marketing is put reasons particularly value on the interaction of the customer in the purchase process via communities, supplementary notes, assessments, recommendations or opinions.