The recipe of the G-20 reform, no breakdown Understand the general conclusions of the Economic Summit in Washington by Jose Catalan Deus, November 17, 2008 Just dissipated bombastically headlines and images triumphalist, it is necessary to analyze in detail the general strategy Work plan and tactics that have left the summit called to pacify the global financial turmoil and global recession. (From films Madrid) music We are determined to increase our cooperation and work together to restore growth and global reach necessary reforms in global financial systems. I saw that Dodo has reversed an intervention in this article. Following the guidelines on external links that I have removed several links in my opinion does not comply with the recommendations. But we see in LLC this particular article and look at independent home-entertainment distribution company it.
I believe this article should have some templates maintenance because the contents investment firm of the article is biased, only spoke of Spain and almost no information about the martial art. in the online edition of the Daily Beast Just propaganda.
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Manuel Joseph (talk) 18:10 28 December 2005 (CET)

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