The next album was Robbie Williams Sing When You’re Winning, which was published in 2000. The album contained the controversial single ‘Rock DJ’, which reached number one in the charts of United Kingdom, and obtained some success in the United States.
There was some controversy over the video clip of the song”Rock DJ ‘, which Williams appears in a nightclub surrounded by women. In the video, Williams was naked and then (using advanced special effects) and your skin starts showing its muscle tissue. The video ends with Williams dancing, although it is of nothing but the skeleton. Was banned in almost all Islamic countries and other religions contrary to the clip.
The album also included the singles, ‘Supreme’, reminding the mitiquisimo I Will Survive, ‘Let Love Be Your Energy’ and ‘The Road To Mandalay’ which was a double single with the song ‘Eternity’, which was not included in the album and became her fourth number one in the British lists.

In 2001, Robbie launched the album Swing When You’re Winning, which counted only covers topics Swing style, which was dedicated to his greatest idols as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., etc. .. This album also recorded the song ‘Something Stupid “with Australian actress Nicole Kidman.
In 2002, Robbie Williams Escapology launches a disc with a lot of power on issues like ‘How peculiar’ and ‘Cursed’. The album has themes Feel successful, ‘Sexed up’ and ‘Come Undone’.
In the autumn of 2003, Robbie made a successful concert at Knebworth. Robbie concert to make this achievement into the Guinness record twice: once to achieve complete Knebworth for three consecutive days and one for advancing the world’s largest karaoke singing ‘Strong’. What happened in this concert is compiled in this album.

Toronto Star
At the height of his fame in the 1950s and’60s, his name alone was enough to make a film with an air of old-world-class and prestige.
The Washington Times
major labels and the radio broadcast industry for a cozy home. Labels sent their music radio stations (including, sometimes, illegal payments to disc jockeys, but that’s another story). Radio stations played on the air. The magic of “promotion” has occurred. They were the perfect traveling companions. But now they snowbound in a formidable, jagged, pirate-infested mountain chain …
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A lively and varied line-up of jazz and world music performers take Center Stage this year in Art After 5 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Every Friday evening, the Museum Great Stair Hall is transformed into a concert hall, complete with table, cocktails, elegant caf -style appetizers and desserts.
All About Jazz
On May 16, 1966, Frank Sinatra has his first attempt of the modern rock idiom. Based on my research, the singer has to dive Downtown, Petula Clark’s song that had a hit a year earlier.