Martin Scorsese belonged to a working class family, his father was a trouser press. His parents were the subject of his documentary Italianamerican, and made numerous appearances in the movies of his son as players. For several years, his mother working as the official supplier of food in all of Scorsese productions, while his father worked in the wardrobe department. In the movie Goodfellas (good guys or one of ours), Scorsese said that no one ironing collars as his father did.
Scorsese attended New York University, obtaining a degree in film school in 1964 and a Masters in the same discipline in 1966. Made his first feature film, Who’s That Knocking at My Door ‘( Who calls my door’, 1969) with his fellow student Harvey Keitel, and then joined the “banda” filmmakers of the 1970s : Francis Ford Coppola, Brian De Palma, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. De Palma who was featured Robert De Niro, this opened up a close friendship that leads them to share many projects.
In this period, Scorsese also work as editor of the Woodstock movie and make the documentary Street Scenes (1970).
In 1972, Scorsese directed Boxcar Bertha on behalf of film producer Roger Corman B series, who had assisted many directors begin their careers, including Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron and John Sayles. With Boxcar Bertha, Scorsese learned to make films cheaply and quickly, making it ready for your first movie with Robert de Niro (even though this will play a character and the actor remains Keitel), Mean Streets (bad roads) .
Until this film Scorsese was not satisfied with their work, but here finally forged a personal style and non-transferable. The movie is not a box office hit, but a powerful call the attention of the critics, and Scorsese and De Niro started ringing with great force in the circuits of New York. Then, the actress Ellen Burstyn chose Scorsese to direct it in the film Alice Does not Live Here Anymore (Alice does not live here), 1974. Burstyn won an Oscar for Best Actress for this film. Scorsese showed with this realistic drama, which could move in many rows without any problem.
Here, Scorsese explore their ethnic roots in the documentary Italianamerican on his parents Charles and Catherine Scorsese.
Two years later, in 1976, astonished the world with Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. On a libretto by Paul Schrader, one of the most brilliant writers of the last decades of the twentieth century in the U.S., who draws on several nights that night lived after her divorce, Scorsese was catapulted to stardom with this disturbing story, masterfully played Robert De Niro in a full power after his great success with The Godfather, Part II. The film alzaria with the Golden Palm at the Cannes Festival and generate a growing reputation that continues to this day. There is still a role for Harvey Keitel and sharing was the discovery of a young Jodie Foster, who would have one of four Oscar nominations as Best Supporting Actress.
His fame gave him great courage to face an unusual musical, his first high-budget movie: New York, New York. The couple was formed nuvamente by actor De Niro, in his third collaboration with the director, and an incombustible Liza Minnelli. Both gave a duo-body saxophonist, singer-she who, over several decades had a romantic relationship while working together in several musical shows. Have a lot of scenery by Boris Leven, Harry Kemmer and Robert De Vestel, but it was not enough to attract people to the rooms and amortize the high cost of film. This musical tribute to Scorsese’s home town was a box office flop, but her main song, “New York, New York reached the category of the classic version sung by Frank Sinatra.
By then, Scorsese had already developed a serious cocaine addiction. Betweenaddiction and depression caused by the last film, Scorsese still find creative enough to make The Last Waltz (The Last Waltz, 1978), a beautifully photographed documentary about a concert of The Band. That same year, appeared headed for another Scorsese documentary entitled American Boy.

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