Delivery of the work end In the accomplishment of this work the group had as starting point the search of sources related with the life and workmanship of the author, where due to information in books, the group opted to the retraction of information in the sources that if in found them available and that they contained the information (pages of internet*). After the retraction of referring information the life and workmanship of Huntigton the group opted in reading, to analyze and in arguing the content of the sources. After the quarrel we arrive the phase of selective reading where we select that certain available information in some sites interested in them. Soon after the reading, the group found ideal to translate the information written in English language since, much information of the author is available in foreign language (English). The phase of selecao we opt to selecting some dispersed ideas for the sources and that they gave more emphasis to the life of Huntington.

In the following phase we start with the process of digitao of the harvested data, to cheat our intention let us stow citizens to use the program Microsof Word (MSW) 2007, with the format of the letters Teamses New Roman, Size 12 and with in agreement espaamento of the 1.5 procedures madam. In the correco of errors of ortogrfica nature, of coherence, agreement and other types of errors we had that in them to take refuge the dictionaries of some languages with the objectivo to find one that better dissecasse the terms that leave in them perplexos or embarrassed. So that a good work is pretty always has to have an organization/estruturao of the same as form to facilitate the reading on the part of the faculty of the chair in cause (Evolution of the Geographic Thought).