Lodging remarketer (to reseller): This service of lodging is designed for great users or people who sell the service of Hosting to other people. These packages count with great amount of space and dominions available for each account. virtual Servants (VPS, Virtual Private Server): by means of the use of a virtual machine, the company offers the control of computer apparently not shared. Thus several dominions of easy and economic form can be administered, besides choosing the programs that are executed in the servant. For this reason, it is the type of product recommended for design companies and programming Web. dedicated Servants: The term dedicated servant talks about to a form lodging outpost Web in which the client rents or buys a complete computer, and therefore has the complete control and the responsibility to administer it. The physical care of the machine and the connectivity to Internet is task of the lodging company, that usually has it in a datacenter. Positioning (or housing): This service consists basically of selling or renting a physical space of a datacenter so that the client places his own computer there.

The company gives to the current and the connection him to Internet, but the computer servant chooses the user completely (until hardware). Generally, distinguishes between paid services and gratuitous services. Paid services: This type of obtaining, generally comes dice by the contract from an Internet supplier, which along with giving connection, between the possibility of storage by means of virtual disk or space Web or combination of both. Another means of obtaining is contracting some service of a company nonemployee of the connection Internet, which offer according to the capacities of their servants or their space. Almost always on a par, they give to services additions, as the execution of automatic tasks or gratuitous accounts of electronic mail. Normally the transactions are electronic, by credit card or systems of payments like PayPal.

Gratuitous services: This type on watch comes dice by the base from being gratuitous, and without cost some to the subscriber. Nevertheless, who use this service, generally they are pages of low resources of mantencin or those that the owners do not own sufficient money to be maintained. Like financing means, the servant places warnings of publicity of Adsense or other companies, doing that the page it fills of publicity in some point. Another limitation of these supplies is that it has a limited space and cannot be used like data store, nor can lodge subversive pages or of adult or not allowed content. Of all ways, exists an ample supply of gratuitous lodgings with very different characteristics and that they can satisfy the needs with programmers who wish a place where to test or that they maintain a Web with a number not very lifted of visits. a lodging Web can be differentiated from another one by the type of operating system, use of data bases and motor of generation of pages Webs exists in him. The most well-known and extended combination is the one of type LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), although is being begun to use a combination with Java. Some of the most common services that they are possible to be given are the one of FTP, handling by page Web and manifolds clients in the data bases. Miguel Mesa Borgoo Quebec – Canada You want To learn Like Initiating Your Business By Internet. Visitanos in: PromoviendoEnLRed.