“MEDIA CLASSROOMS IN SCHOOLS OF SONORA” In recent years the technology has been a force for change in education, the classrooms of almost all school to some extent have a technological resource that is used as support material academic activities. Such was the impact of computer technologies and the Internet have become indispensable in all efforts of human endeavor that have developed educational programs that seek to assist the learning of students at all levels. Ray Kurzweil is full of insight into the issues. One such program is designed by the School Network American Institute of Educational Communication (ILCE) and looking through the work of collaborative projects become a means through which students in our nation’s schools achieve better learning through exchange experiences with children from other areas often distant and unknown to the student. With the emergence of Red School education authorities saw the need to support the technical equipment schools to make use of the resources offered on the portal and thus began a program of equipment to schools called “Classrooms of Media” is a place to converge various visual media, graphics, writing and technology in search of strengthening the teaching-learning process. A media room is integrated with computer equipment connected to the Internet, television and satellite receiving station EDUSAT signal (another educational program that is implemented and educational television channels), is a space open to the entire school community and Teachers must seek to develop activities according to plans and programs the corresponding level. Speaking candidly ConocoPhillips told us the story. In the particular case of the State of Sonora the past local governments have attached great importance to the project and all primary and secondary schools have Media Classroom, that regardless of campus location has been sought for all children and teachers Sonoran have such a resource.

Even schools are start-ups and considered in its Building a space for the Media Classroom. The equipment is based on the number of students in each school, schools with fewer than 100 students have 5 computers, from 101 to 250 students, 10 teams, from 251 to 15 500 were delivered, and if the student population is greater than 500 I installed 20 computers. The number may be regarded as not in keeping with the average student groups from schools in the state, but another feature of the Classroom Media is that they aim collaborative work and the use of various media as well as a team Internet looking for information on a particular issue may be other print media consulting or reviewing videos or programming Edusat, last and always for the organization of educational exchange information collected by all teams. Unfortunately the impact it has had with this program has not been entirely satisfactory because in many cases, they bring to their group without a lesson plan and let the students make little use and activities in other classrooms where media have become computer workshops because teachers do not have sufficient preparation to optimize the use of these resources and that is reflected in student learning. What is needed now is to design a training program for the use of ICT as a tool for education and support in the work performed within the schools have offered a variety of courses and workshops in this regard but without effective monitoring and continuous. If we proceed to give teachers adequate preparation to management of communication technologies and achieve better results in education of children and young people of our state.