But as they are confirmed in practice (just walk around the city and all will see for yourself). The first thing to note: the largest number of objects, coated with a ventilated facade, this office and the administrative and commercial centers. Houses are very few. All of these buildings, mostly located in downtown, you can even just limit their area of concentration: Chelyuskintsev-Moscow-Shorsa East. Generally, curtain walls combined with a translucent structures. Colours of all buildings in general monotone – gray and creamy coffee (apparently still strong tradition of Soviet architecture, to recall the "gray" or "White" house – though in these buildings and have not been applied ventilated facades in the sense in which we now understand them. On the building of the city administration they are generally not, and the government building of granite faced with attachments). From administrative newly another white spot (in a good sense of the word) has become a new building Legislative Assembly of granite lined.

Undoubtedly, these new buildings look very impressive against the backdrop of and , very very gray and battered. But it paints the town does not add. One of the reasons why, as described above (appreciation of construction when using non-standard colors). And second, in our view, lies in the fact that there is a certain stereotype of what should be the color of the facade administrative and commercial buildings. And to go beyond it until it turns out. Architects are trying to diversify the designs of facades, curtain walls combining, translucent glass design or decoration. But it is in fashion – you can dress stylishly, but in gray or black.

Brightness will not be. Perhaps, for administrative buildings such colors and are justified, but for homes, in our opinion, it is necessary to choose different color tiles materials suspended facades. Agree that by inviting their friends to visit, it would be nice to tell them apart from the address that you live in, for example, in the red house (by the way, because everyone knows only the red house on Gurzuf)! In this If the house number in general can not be called. And so they find. And if in every area of colorful houses would have been a few? (It is possible that there would be confusion, but in this case is the exact address). The city would become brighter and more beautiful for sure. Although there are difficulties. Color appearance of the facade must pass approval to glavarhitekture. Will take place or not – matter. In general, there are a lot of work, the benefit of facade materials and technologies make it possible to realize the most interesting and bright ideas.