Program Sunday 9 January Askqelon 2009 (right click, save target as’) Rapidshare Reserved Matters discussed in the recent invasion by Israel of Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip. Monographic with Jesus and Carlos Callejo Canais prophecies about 2009. Dian Fossey was the protagonist of the ticket in the history of Juan Antonio Cebrian. Curiosities of history with Ignacio Monzon, where we talk about animals. Besides the thermometer sections of the Earth, Blue and Green, the Callejon of Escribano and Cultural. Israel’s prime minister, Ariel Sharon, calling on French Jews to move immediately to Israel because of the dramatic rise of anti-Semitism Israel Air Force in France (510 anti-Semitic attacks in the first six months of 2004, compared to 593 in twelve months of 2003). The French government described his comments as unacceptable. An Israeli spokesman later said that was not well Ashdod understood what Sharon said.