Once the consolation game in several stages after a cut advertising and other directly, the start of the auction, the last part was full of music, humor and entertainment during which went through the auction table gifts. In the first two stages, the mechanic said that the winning bidders were a gift, but that could change at any time it passed over the table. Sometimes it could be accumulated several awards at the table, and Kiko would reveal the contents of the gifts that were not art winning bidders. ” In the end, winning the gift with which they were last term.
The gifts were hidden in objects related to the agenda item that came from comics or from a large characterized decorated theme changing every week. was present at the exhibition galleries around the world There was no figure for the appellant tarjetita, sometimes appeared, but it was more common than was physically present within the object, such a weight break that revealed that there is a check with half a million pesetas. If the award appeared on a card or paper, this is only revealed when the prize had already left, so there was not practicing here until I can read, read the paper museum in an integrated manner.
It is noteworthy that during the first fifteen programs for 1972, in the absence of the theme, the decor were numbered three curtains or doors, and the choice of the contestants of a door or other gifts were emerging, very similar to the U.S. program of 60 “Let’s make a deal”, submitted by Spain on Antena 3 Bertin Osborne as “Done deal.” Once implemented programs began to appear on the doors decorated along the theme of the program by establishing a link with the gift that escondian through word games. when visiting the art similar to the art exhibitions I had seen in Europe For example, a program dedicated to the 1001 nights the door of the shop “Chile” hid automatic washing machines and “irons chi, chi etc lavas. In a Valencia on the door of “La Huerta” hid a bicycle and went andaluz said that the “garden siclista Spain.”
As of October 7, 1977 in the program for Master Serrano was introduced mecanica popular orderly passing gifts to the auction table, a maximum of three objects bearing the famous cards, green card first, and since 1991 with the white logo on the back of the program. Contestants then one should make the objects come to the next, so until the last three gifts. The moment they decide to leave an object, read from the card, which could contain a track or an oversight through word games in his majority. If you persist in leaving, read the rest of the card where he revealed that he had lost the prize. Since 1984, they introduced the practice of reading the always readable tarjetita of the gift to arrive at the table and then read the card complete stop when the prize. In 1987, with the corse that each program should last no more than 90 minutes, imposed the rule to read only twice throughout each tarjetita program, and another one to get a souvenir, then read it again only when lost or win the prize.
There was a single rule regarding gifts that might appear: the pet should be contained in at least one of the gifts, and the rest of the awards could switch from cars, apartments, travel, financial amounts to hot water bags , matches, etc.. There was another important rule, namely that the presenter could not say no lie regarding gifts, but could refuse to answer questions, or concealing information to competitors. This is defined by a presenter’s famous words: I never lie, but not tell the whole truth.
Among the gifts was common games they appeared. Having a game on the table, the presenter was allowed to give the contestants when entering a game and that was a gift, but not to reveal its mechanical exceptions, because if they leave the game that could be recycled for use in another program. These games could be letters, panels or using objects in the table.
Games there were hundreds of letters, a common one to say whether the letter would be higher or lower than the next in the deck and if it was right to make money or lose everything if it fails. Among the table games, the elimination of the earth is round … sometimes appeared in one game. Another famous board game is the game clock, for a mentally minutes and stop the clock and win a million if he was doing, leaving one hundred thousand per second more or less. This game was one of the most exciting when I played and won the champions Caracena Pando brothers in the 1976 dedicated to the conquest of America.
In panels, the game is more remembered the “Want …” in which the presenter to this question for each of the boxes before a panel rotate and debian contestants say yes or no without knowing what was behind.

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