Throughout our lives, we have used many objects that often do not know what has been its origin, there is a lot on the market, sia cualesa slab we start to list them would never end, but it is worth to mention a some of these inventions that one way or another we have made life easier for product A as a star this category are a disposable diapers, upon which date a la World War II, is that this ends soon after a woman from Indiana, a he got the idea to sew a type absorbent material (paper) to A plastic cover from a shower curtain, this invention patented it and called float, because the child stay dry without rash. a invented this woman was not supported at first, and it was not a Victor Mills, who found it useful if appropriate, creating a la Pampers diaper brand, which belongs to the companies to Procter & Gamble, is currently a label has a 31.5% market share compared to its closest competitor Huggies brand company Kimberly Clark, who has a 22.3% market share. a The second innovative product is for the shampoo and hair conditioners, tile cualesa cosmetologoa were created by a named Jheri Redding, who owned a beauty salon, and it occurred to create a line of products for hair care , his invention was much more beyond a since dedicated himself to creating complete product lines that today the market leader, this is the case of Redken Laboratories, who was acquired by L'Oreal, Nexxus a, among others. .