This is one of the important elements of quality: make sure that all employees at their places of actual use regulations and other documents, and the degree Documentation should be such that an employee in the workplace had all the necessary information. Requirements for documenting a lot. The main thing to ensure the use of relevant information, even after the changes and prevent the use of obsolete documents. Developing at an early stage a similar procedure in the future all the descriptions of the remaining processes should be carried out in accordance with it. Further, we assume the introduction process approach in the Company. Drawn map of the processes determining the owners of processes, metrics, and in turn, each process is described in the Company. Simultaneously, implemented and mandatory requirements iso 9001 for each process.

According to the results obtained by the introduction that virtually the entire management system is documented, implemented a process approach, implemented almost all of the required quality system elements: this requirement in the planning, documentation, analysis, procurement, design, requirements for manufacturing, etc. When all the requirements put in place, the final stage is to set a framework for continuous improvement quality system. One of these elements – these are internal quality audits, regular inspection activities. The results of the audits help to see "where" and "that" in the Company is not so, to identify bottlenecks and understand where you want to send efforts to improve quality. Even those elements are concepts such as "corrective and preventive action." These are the elements that aim to ensure that undesirable actions are not repeated again after their identify either never appeared. As a result of Head Company receives an integrated management system of the Company, which laid the foundations for its constant improvement and aimed at Preventing the spread of substandard products or services to consumers. The key to successful implementation of management systems at the 95% is the desire of senior managers. A self-introduction is carried out in several stages and usually takes from six months to a year.