the Word of God shows to us perceivable distinction to it between both: ' ' Because the Word of God is Alive and Efficient, and more cutting of what any sword of two gumes, and penetrates until the DIVISION OF SOUL AND SPIRIT, and meetings and marrows, and is apt to discern the thoughts and intentions from corao.' ' (Hb.4: 12) As if he sees well, in this text the sacred author shows to us with clarity the distinction of the soul, the spirit and the body (as here together and marrows). The Word of God, for being Alive and Efficient, penetrates, passes, arrives until the DIVISION, the dividing line of the three elements. It still writes the Apstolo Pablo: ' ' the proper God of peace you santifique COMPLETELY; your spirit, and soul and body FULLY are conserved irreproachable for the coming of ours Mr. Jesus Christ. ' ' (1Ts.5: 23) To using the adverbs COMPLETELY and FULLY, Pablo knocks down for land the barren belief in the soul equality and spirit, as well as in the superiority of these on the body, because when Mr.

Jesus Christ to come back, in the Inefvel Event of the Parousia, It in them will find SANTIFICADOS COMPLETELY, and also FULLY CONSERVED, for its holy ghost To be able, our spirit, and soul and body. E, for the reason of the body to be substance, therefore subject to intempries of the life, that culminates in its death, does not mean that it is inferior to the soul and the spirit, therefore, exactly with all sensitivity and susceptibility, our body is temple, sanctuary, habitation of God (Rm.8: 9,11; 1Co.3: 16,17; 6:19; 2Co.6: 16; Gl.4: 6; Ef.2: 21,22; 2Tm.1: 14; Hb.3: 6; 1Pd.2: 5). when we die, what it happens with us, that is, with our body, soul and spirit? I believe that each one of us already witnessed the least a funeral and a burial, of form that we do not have the lesser difficulty in knowing for where our body goes: ' ' Of the sweat of your face you will eat your bread, UNTIL YOU BECOME the LAND, BECAUSE BY IT YOU WERE TAKEN; INASMUCH AS YOU ARE DUST, AND TO DUST TORNARS.' ' (Gn.3: 19) The body came of the dust, and toward it will come back there; however, before it being kept in the viscera of the land, the soul is asked for by God: ' ' But God said to it: Insensato, this night will ask for your soul to you; what you have prepared, for who will be? ' ' (Lc.12: 20).