It is, ages, and you have to come: Judgment in the gift, the past and the future, because the Human being did not understand that it generated it to GOD in Its Perpetual Gift. The Law of GOD shows what it is, was, and has to come, to the Human being through the mouth of Its Prophets, for it if to defend of its proper levities. ‘ ‘ The distinction between past, gift and future is only one illusion stubbornly persistente’ ‘. Albert Einstein German Jewish Physicist.

THEY HAD SPILLED BLOOD Inasmuch as they had spilled blood Dos Santos and of the Prophets, also blood has given to them to drink, are worthy of this. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:6. Or the ones that had made dirty waters if congregate to clean them, or will take its dirtinesses. The science that became the water in blood has to clean it.

IN the DESERT OF SUR 22 – Moiss Made to break the Israel of the Red Sea, and had left for the desert of Sur; three days in the desert had walked and not they had found water. 23 After all, had arrived the Mara; however, they had not been able to drink waters of Mara, because they were bitter; therefore, Mara was called it. 24 and the people murmured against Moiss, saying: What we have to drink? 25 Then, Moiss clamou the Mr., and Mr. showed a tree to it; it launched it Moiss in waters, and waters if they had become candies. There it gave to them to statutes and an ordinance, and it proved there them. Exodus of Moiss, CAP. 15:22 the 25. In the Old Will of the Sacred Bible, JESUS already sample that everything has skill, therefore the bitter waters if become candies, that is, ready to saciar the headquarters of the People The ANGEL OF the ALTAR I heard of the altar another Angel who said: Certainly, Sir true and right GODS, Almighty, is your judgments.