Technological advances and a vital necessity led to what was invented dehumidifiers – specialized devices that have the ability to extract excess moisture from the air. Few people on this thinks, but the scope of dehumidifiers in modern life is very high. This is primarily a variety of public and private swimming pools of various sizes and purpose. In the regeneration basin to prevent evaporation of moisture is unrealistic, there is a need to install dehumidifiers for swimming pools. Current dehumidifiers for pools of small and medium-sized compact enough, do not require any special provisions for the installation and simple to use.

Dehumidifiers for swimming pools provide an opportunity not only to create a favorable and comfortable conditions for recreation and sports, but also protect the building structure and elements of the interior from damage, corrosion and rot. However, the range of dehumidifiers is not limited to swimming pools. Dehumidifiers are used for drainage of new buildings, manufactured products and of hygroscopic Materials and protection from damage and corrosion of various systems and mechanisms. Often, air dryers are used in cases where the moisture is damaging the premises and its contents. That place is for example the basement, where moisture exerts a strong corrosive effect on the walls, eventually causing the collapse of the building.

Also, this place is a warehouse, such as vegetable (moisture has a positive effect on the development of mold), health (the vast the majority of therapeutic drugs – are hydrophobic, ie not tolerate exposure to water. Also to such places are different rooms with elektrotehnikoy, especially computer technology, which can simply burn out, causing significant financial losses and informatsioonye company. In the air dryer combines a large number of advantages. That power, and compact size, portability, and efficiency of energy consumption, and ease of use, and democratic for the buyers price. All these advantages make the operation of air dryer friendly, efficient and profitable. Company Dantherm very famous in our country and has authority. and this is not casual, because Dantherm dehumidifiers are modern, highly efficient and quiet appliances. Compact and easy to use devices that companies have made it popular. Dehumidifiers small and medium power category are ideal for virtually any purpose, as are made of stainless steel alloys and plastic, and feature modern, compact design, adjustable level to maintain moisture multi-mode fan works almost silently and is fully functional. In addition, the portability of some models allows their use in almost any field. Even in your pool, air dryer will operate smoothly even in continuous contact with water, while remaining safe for you, your family and friends. Stationary air dryers, usually possess more power and are designed to work in such premises, where the continued availability of powerful dehumidifiers to, for example, swimming pools, underground parking, laundry, stacks, museums, etc. Typically, the design of such buildings and structures are called specialists, who conduct a range of calculations to determine the required capacity installed dehumidifiers to determine the most efficient layout and design a system ventilation and air distribution. If the private and public purposes, it suffices dehumidifiers small and medium power, then for companies need powerful dryers on the effectiveness of superior civilian model sometimes dozens of times and more. In enterprises that manufacture equipment, medicines, etc. just needed dehumidifiers.