When I began to develop the idea to touch this subject .muy quickly was made very evident for me that it was in something enormous. Like the majority of the people who had a superficial knowledge basic of the Mayan aspects of the date of conclusion 21 of December of 2012 and its remarkable capacity to control the time and the space. What quickly we learned went that there is much more to the 2012 equation and of the end of the world. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dry Harbor Nursing Home on most websites. Or the possibility that as many now they say the time end. In which there is a great difference. It seemed that while more learned, I took control of enormous material on prophecies and the predictions around this moment in the time.

As I continued with the investigation and to learn so much as it is possible to me on the 2012 end of the world, and not less important, the events that lead to this date, many things began to have sense for me, mainly with regard to the world of nowadays and the present ones events. Like Christian, I have a necessity deeply ingrained a to believe in the word of the Bible. My simple faith in a power superior has seen me through a great amount of obstacles of the life, and my capacity to consider the possibility that at least I do not understand has done me completely one more a person abierta. I am by nature and ecumenical conviction. And if we can give credit a histories of the Bible apparently like Adam and Eva and his apple, the Coffer of Noah, the Tower of Babel and the fact that Jesus lived, died and will return someday, then why it is so difficult for these same Christians to completely ignore the signals established in Libro of the Revelations? How it is possible to have faith in what was, and totally to discard the Apocalypse? It is not my intention to present/display blog on 2012 end of the world like an infallible point but my intention is to show that the end of the times, this to arrive.