TYROmed, a special address in things, wellness, Spa & beauty Niederndorf/Tyrol the small, exquisite spa factory has for years been the biological raw materials for health and body conscious people. Temple of wellness, spas, hotels with Spa & beauty know since the TYROmed years offers an excellent quality in this growth market. But what is wellness at all? The concept of wellness is derived from the English language”(i feel well = I feel good) is often used, but what does he actually exactly? Simply wellness cannot be equated with well-being, the term encompasses much more but actually. Wellness stands for special applications to the balance (balance) of body, soul and spirit, a healthy diet, fitness, meditation, and all other factors that contribute to the well-being. The term of wellness stands for a whole range of treatments both health-wise and mentally sustainable aimed at improving their own well-being.

The daily Everyday stress shows effects that go hand in hand with symptoms such as weariness, tiredness, sluggishness and laziness. Spa treatments to relaxing counteract these symptoms. This is already a small wellness oasis in the home bathroom, bringing peace and relaxation for a few hours. TYROmed is a reliable partner for both the private and the business area that the offer of the Tyrolean Spa specialist leaves nothing to be desired. We pay us when purchasing our raw materials ensure that this as far as possible from local agriculture, Luksch, explains commercial Director Friederike in an interview with ZAROnews which philosophy Tyromed lives.

We take the raw materials almost exclusively from Austrian mining areas in the production of our care sludges.Our ultimate aim is a harmonious coexistence of man and nature. We support with our care mud berbere”(with Ethiopian spices) through our partner company Sonnentor Organisation “Menschen fur Menschen” – Karl Heinz Bohm. A portion of the proceeds of our organic goat’s milk bath of the Montessori school in Stams (Tyrol) will benefit also. By Tyromed, we pay attention to our environment. Therefore we ask you to use our high-quality products sparingly, since the body can absorb only a certain percentage of the active ingredients and the rest on towels and sheets remains. This leads to a higher consumption of detergent, which needlessly pollute the environment. The creative mind behind TYROmed is Oliver Liebminger, he has with his offbeat ideas already many hoteliers and Spa operator surprised, it is his instinct to owe a good name in this market to be today. We guarantee you reliability, quality and safety, and flexible to meet your individual needs. A healthy mind is in a healthy body. Key determinant of health and a slim trained body are fitness – programs and balancing sports during leisure time. Beauty and beauty with the right makeup and Styling. Of course, human consciousness plays a huge role to achieve wellness & Spa a significantly improved quality of life, but consciousness was to master the life has always been an important point.