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SinnLeffers In Leipzig

Successful start: almost 1,000 euro donation with a reading launched SinnLeffers weekends the action of Leipzig against child hunger. Thanks to the authors and literary friends gathered nearly 1,000 euro donation. The money supports the fashion house, SinnLeffers Leipzig, charitable organizations in the city, giving out food to needy children, the initiator of the action. This is a very nice and useful action! “Personally thanked Christiane Henneke, Executive Director of the Caritas Association of Leipzig, with Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of SinnLeffers Leipzig, as well as the three authors Dagmar Schafer, Anja Lehmann and U.S.Levin.” The Leipzig artist had inspired their listeners with prose, poetry and satire last Friday in a joint reading. The reading in the fashion house was kick-off event of the campaign of Leipzig against child hunger, launched by managing director Simon Grunewald in life. In our city, more and more children in poverty “, Garcia explains the background of the commitment. A result: More and more boys and girls go hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities.

However, SinnLeffers Leipzig wants to do something with the action of Leipzig against child hunger and regularly collect donations. The money of the kick-off event receives the family centre of Caritas in Grunau. There, about 30 children are provided. Most get the only meal in the family Center on the day. I think the commitment by SinnLeffers commendable. Civil usage is always in demand and inspired projects “, commented City Council with Clemens Meinhardt (CDU). Also Rita Fleischer of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce confirmed: the issue of child poverty and child hunger must be addressed more clearly in the public domain. I therefore welcome the action. “

Weight Loss Star

Under the motto: A new course in Berlin-Wilmersdorf starts ‘Berlin sucht den weight loss Star’ on Monday, June 09, 2009. The course runs for twelve weeks and takes place every Thursday. During the week of Dec, the participants are supervised intensively and receive many valuable tips. Each participant receives a comprehensive computerized analysis. Individual values such as muscle mass, body fat percentage, personal calorie consumption in sleep mode and even the metabolic age be determined by measurement with medical body analysis equipment. The knowledge of the personal body composition allows individual nutrition suggestions to keep the new weight also subject. The course costs only 59 euro for three months including all weekly documents and the analysis and prize money beckons those who lost the most weight. Note: Only 25 participants per group! Registration and information at ess coach and certified yoga teacher Sabine Ilonka Grohn, phone: 030 895 42 701 or Mobile: 0170 485-685 0. .

Deutsche Post

Now save the bags fully SAVE! The almost-word insidious infiltrated our shopping habits with each issue. But that’s now. The eternal dream of the bargain already is reality for many online shoppers. Cashback is the magic word and in many households now firmly established: for every purchase they will receive back cash. Like that? It’s simple: iGraal additional advertising channels provides many partner stores.

Sure that the online stores on iGraal can present themselves, rewarded iGraal with every purchase with a Commission from the respective shop. This benefit gives iGraal simply to its customers. After each purchase, your cash bonus treasure packs on your virtual account. The can you refer to at any time (from a total of 30) or pay via PayPal. And it closes the cash cycle. Winner? Definitely on both sides. Because you pay a single penny for this service.

And you have a decisive advantage: more than 400,000 users throughout Europe iGraal before you already tried. But away from the obvious benefit: what is now the subtle difference? What is so new, unique and different from all other cashback and loyalty programmes? 1 easy operation: A smart software package, which, once installed, allows you to recover all partner shops (classified in categories) right off the bat. There is a tool bar that presents itself as a narrow bar or bar in your Web browser and will accompany you when shopping via iGraal. Located on the side of a partner shop, will display the expected remuneration and additional coupons. It turns green then you are logged in and get your bonus, otherwise it is red and she warns of a possible loss. 2. iGraal is on Zack: in addition to the cash bonus there 100e vouchers. Of course daily updated and reviewed. In connection with the cash bonus you achieve a significant saving advantage. 3. everything is 100% free. iGraal waived monthly fees or Annual fees. 4. iGraal can trump up with 650 popular stores: eBay, Otto, TUI, savings bank, Deutsche Post, Dell, Nike, Neckermann, Pixmania,, Rossmann, Tchibo, Allianz24 and and and. And every day new shops are being added. 5. is fair, honest, secure, transparent and shines with an excellent customer service. 6. and for those who are still a practical icing on the cake is missing, here’s a calculation example: you buy a new washing machine worth of 399 over iGraal at neckermann. Neckermann currently offers a cashback by 7% – makes a saving of 27.93! Now a voucher in the amount of 10 would be charged: 37,93! And the highlight will reach you at the end of the year: A unique product search for the lowest price on the Internet a price comparator like no other. But PSST! Anika stroke

Managing Director Gunter Rubik

On August 28, 2012, AUDIAMO launches its download store. AUDIAMO, Austria’s only audiobook retailer becomes digital on his fifth birthday as on August 28, 2012 AUDIAMO launches its download store offers its customers in addition to the physical media, such as audio CD, DAISY CD and MP3-CD now available audiobooks and radio plays in digital form which can be downloaded. “After five years, it was the next logical step of and digital content in our online-shop for us to integrate, because again it happens that publishers bring out their new audio productions only more than download”, says Managing Director Gunter Rubik. The download shop is fully integrated in the online shop for five years grown by AUDIAMO, what an opportunity the customer, finding the desired audio book regardless of whether it is published as audio CD or download. “This is important, because productions sometimes as CD is out of print, but are still available for download. For us was always in the foreground Audiobook lovers to offer a complete overview – regardless of the media “, so Rubik. Currently around 17,000 audiobooks and radio plays as digital content contained in the AUDIAMO download shop. “The offer should constantly be expanded”, so Gunter Rubik “because the downloads will be the future!” About AUDIAMO of the audiobook retailer AUDIAMO is Austria’s first audiobook action, completely dedicated to the spoken word. The shop in Vienna’s Kaiser street offers a continuous range of nearly 8,000 titles of all genres and for all ages and is headquarters for the audiobook shipping all over the world.

Berlin Digital Distribution

free marketing and promotion for bands and musicians – own app for iPhone and Android itself create the Berlin digital distribution and content aggregator recordJet announced a collaboration with BandApp. BandApp is a tool that enables musicians, bands, and labels to create its own app for iPhones and Android devices under the management of Adam Perry, drummer of the Bloodhound Gang. Using the generated BandApp, it is possible to connect with fans and other musicians in conjunction, to sell his own music, to announce concerts, disseminate news and to link into the social media channels. The app can be spread via Facebook, Twitter via email and QR code, and should enable a “dedicated to their fans’ musicians. “We very pleased that we a great opportunity can offer the BandApp users with recordJet as a partner, worldwide digital to distribute their music in a fair and simple way”, so Adam Perry, CEO of BandApp. “With BandApp, we could take a great co-pilot on board. Adam Perry and his team fit perfectly to recordJet and our core belief that music make and sell should be possible with simple means for any musician. It is now very easy to promote their music via the BandApp for our passengers.

“And the best: the whole thing is of course free of charge”, Sahar zamani, CEO and founder of recordJet sums up the cooperation. To celebrate of the new cooperation, recordJet all BandApp users gives a discount of 50% on the one-time fees for digital distribution. The appropriate discount code is available through the welcome email after registering at BandApp under builder/partner/recordjet. About recordJet: The digital music distribution platform recordJet allows online worldwide to sell it to musicians and labels, their music. Music uploaded on is set in MP3 stores such as iTunes. There, the music as a download can be purchased. Unlike other providers, the musicians receive 100 percent of the revenue from digital sales without to cede their rights.

Versatile additional services, such as physical distribution in over 500 stores, CD pressing and professional promotion make recordJet a full-service. The company was founded in 2008, to open a new sales opportunity for the German music market is also attractive to unknown musicians and small labels. In April 2010, initially went for the German-speaking countries recordJet online and continuously extended the offer. RecordJet serves the international market since April 2013.