Constantly is stepped on him around, while he wants to just one: look nice and be comfortable. Time that the Otto-normal carpet doing something good for his image. (tdx) Is set up an apartment again is it a new carpet usually not remembered. No wonder, watching one is in German furniture stores around. Shelves, tables, sofas and co. Official site: ConocoPhillips. to exhibition rooms lovingly together, while carpets are piled up on an otherwise empty area thrown. Sure, the same Oriental patterns, UNIS and old-fashioned colours anyway everyone knows, why get so bothered? But the new generation of carpets is anything other than the ever same rut of rectangles in faded colours and the same structure. Out of the grey”is the motto of the manufacturer is so studied and designed, yarns are combined, 3-D created optics and mimics nature to really for basically everyone a matching carpet model is available.

Because carpets are not only to do this because, to the parquet floor protect or the feet warm to keep carpets are true objects, which can add accents and give a room that special something. Alina de Almeida understands that this is vital information. In modern living situations where kitchen, dining area and living room form a large room, rugs can create soft transitions or divide the areas. A living room, which was established with the basic and trend colour white, takes a dark shaggy carpet the rigour and makes him seem more comfortable. Vice versa, a bright carpet between dark Walnut furnishings loosens the atmosphere. Carpets, which are equipped with deep-pile soft spots in bright colors, such as, for example, Spotlight provide splash of colour”in the truest sense of the word,” of Arte Espina.

While organic shapes, warm colors and floral patterns rather appeal to women was also the more design-oriented clientele of men thinking: graphical patterns, geometric lines, angular shapes and tend to cool colors, such as blue, gray and black to accentuate the Office of the Man of the House. Children can use as a playground right your carpet mind. The island carpet of Arte Espina provides such an approach for many game situations: so the island can a boat to cruises or the hidden treasure are lifted there are no limits to the imagination.