' Retiring with quality of vida' ' With passing of the years, the quality of life of the population is improving in many countries of the world, amongst other factors, had to the economic development, to the new and efficient sanitary techniques, as well as new medicines, also due to better education, at last due to ample politics of development that is executed by the governments. With this the society is benefited greatly, through the results of this progress. Nick Khan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Results these as the fall of the tax of infantile mortality and the increase of the life expectancy. It is necessary to stand out that these benefits had occurred, they occur and they will occur for the countries at distinct moments, because of the differences between the same ones. First these benefits had appeared in the developed countries, as the Europeans, for example, and now it is starting to appear in the underdeveloped countries, as it is the case of Brazil. However, for the fact of the development to be in progress in our country, problems also are appearing. In Brazil the fall of the fecundidade tax is occurring, as well as the increase of the life expectancy, that is, the women are having little children, amongst many reasons, because of its bigger insertion in the work market and the people are living more years.

The problem is that as has few young, also will have few economically active people who are contributing, what she causes problems in the retirement, having the INSS to each year dficits in this above-mentioned context. Already the difficulty of many pensioners is witnessed by the society who do not obtain to only survive with the retirement, forcing many to be worked. In view of these events, it is of extreme importance that the government has with agility, organization, quality and efficiency them future pensioners to be lived well, therefore with certainty the current trend is to diminish the number of children and to increase the number of aged. Acting correctly and in time, Brazil will reach excellent resulted and all will be benefited with one better quality of life.