Now an interesting way to deal with traffic jams have come up in Greece: Athens travel to the city settled on an even or odd days depending on whether odd or even number in your car. In Vienna, have imposed restrictions on parking. In different parts of Vienna have specific limits on the duration of parking. Yield management seat in rush hour traffic jams and parking places for Europeans to come search for travel companions (sarpool movement). In Los Angeles is such a movement has arisen spontaneously – through ads in newspapers, people found a company to travel, to save on fuel and tolls.

The most popular such joint visits used in the U.S. and Australia, where travelers must overcome vast distances. With the advent of the Internet movement has a second wind. In recent years, the government of the United States saw this as a way regulation of road traffic and encourage neighbors and colleagues in the office shared one car for commuting. For cars with loading more than one person produce special lanes allow bypass traffic congestion during peak hours. The popularity of this mode of transportation is gradually growing in Russia.

If you watch, but here in Russia to 70% of the traffic in a car is only one driver in each the fourth car go, two, and very rarely do we see the passengers in the back seat. Seats are used irrationally. Now in the hands, there are entire area devoted to karpullingu resources (for example, On each of these resources can find a companion for work, school or out of town and abandon the daily use of the car. If you're lucky, you'll find on this resource is not a companion for work and a few that will divide the cost of travel for all participants, and you can save on gasoline is well!