The oven used ovens have always played a major role in the kitchen, they are usually built around a proper kitchen, and otherwise. A good stove has been the key to delicious, often unexpected dishes, and just about the only technology (apart from the fridge) on the entire kitchen space. In modern times, attitudes have changed radically: cooker has become one of the many technical adaptations in the kitchen simplifying and improving lives. And many of them do the same: preparation of different dishes. Accordingly, the role has fallen, as one of the pillars of the kitchen, and increased as the interior details.

And increasingly, the traditional combination ovens replace the cooktop and oven. Here we consider one of the components of the tandem, namely, oven or oven. Ovens in the first place, divided into gas and electric. Gas gain in the main supporters of traditional stoves, they say, so many years lived with a gas, used to have. There is a reason, although reconstructed from gas to electric will have no difficulty. Gas oven economical electric (like paying for gas, and will pay), is somewhat easier to operate and install – all communications are summed up, nothing further to do. Many ovens have avtopodzhiga functions, pyrolytic self-cleaning surfaces, offer programs cooking gas control system to switch off the gas at the burner flame suddenly nonconducting. Can be provided for the grill, turning with automatic turning and much more.

But there are drawbacks. Heating is primarily from the bottom, even with an additional heater on top and convection fan does not allow to achieve uniform heating of prepared food. Therefore, a need to get used to the oven, and cook can usually only one level. This lack electric ovens. Because the heating elements are at the top and bottom, and often on the side and rear, and the presence of the fan, heat the volume of the oven is distributed evenly, allowing you to bake to a turn plate is equally forthcoming from all sides. The same electrical cabinets allow you to have more programs cooking, as they have the opportunity to maintain temperature to within five degrees. The disadvantages may also include some of the problems with the installation (if you have previously been gas stove), and increased consumption of electricity, which will inevitably lead to an increase in your costs. There are many varieties of ovens: dependent and independent, built-in microwave oven, and others. All this can be found at Online 'oven'.