Workpiece changing table with innovative pneumatic control Remscheid / Feldkirchen-Westerham, 13 November 2013 Peiseler precision engineering company stands for tradition and innovation: In terms of the consistent product optimisation a new development was now specifically successfully completed for the control of the workpiece changing tables with the intelligent pneumatic control of InnoMotix GmbH. The company Peiseler workpiece change tables are proven sub-assemblies to change the shuttling of the workpieces between machining space and loading position. Here is one of speed as well as accuracy. The tables are used worldwide in various production environments. But also proven products are not free of potential for improvement. In this case Peiseler was looking for an optimisation of the existing pneumatic actuator of the tables, because the required oil pressure shock absorbers are costly and also are subject to wear. Perfect to the muffler with a new system without replacing shock absorbers, has been the exclusive Peiseler / InnoMotix cooperation initiated.

The technical background of the InnoMotix: The patented pneumatic system of Fox by InnoMotix works with customized exhaust control and therefore requires no internal or external end-position cushioning. Thus, the patented system allows a Jolt – free and smooth motion for oscillating cylinder of any kind. But the wish list”by Peiseler on InnoMotix comprised of course more than just” the Elimination of the oil pressure shock absorbers: faster journey times with soft stops, as well as a load-Adaptive motion for a wide range of masses without downtime had an equally high priority. After successful implementation of tried and tested workpiece changing table now has an innovative pneumatic actuator which complies with these guidelines. The mass customization without technical modifications could significantly improve cycle times. The system automatically adapts to pressure and temperature changes. This is particularly important in other production environments, where for example, the climate significantly from the usual temperatures in this country differs.