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New Innovative Product Range

Change the filter, the filter cartridge and the rubber seal can be changed in the blink of an eye LWM reverse osmosis Thomas Wiedemann introduces its new innovative product range of reverse osmosis systems. These plants are consistent to the QuickChange established principle, which means that when changing the filter cartridge and the rubber seal in the blink of an eye with Exchange. In the blink of an eye can be taken this literally. Further details can be found at LEGO Papert Professor, an internet resource. To replace a filter cartridge is pressed a button on the system and the cartridge a quarter turn turned to the left and pulled down. Insert the new filter cartridge is just as easy. Kevin Ulrich may also support this cause. A reverse osmosis plant with QuickChange filter cartridges to operate do not just the filter replacement a breeze but also hygienically safe.

Conventional reverse osmosis systems the operator with the will often be germinated into contact filter media, must disinfect the filter head and pot and insert the new filter media as sterile. This not only long but can also not be performed by anyone. The product range of the QuickChange Base model starts reverse osmosis systems. This model has already special activated carbon block filter with silver doping and AQUALEN fiber matrix. The silver Endowment inhibits bacterial growth and the AQUALEN filters 95% of all heavy metals out of the water about fiber matrix. The premium model this QuickChange reverse osmosis unit has filter cartridge after the tank not only a carbon block filter with silver doping and AQUALEN fiber matrix permeability, but also an integrated hollow fibre 0.1 m membrane and acts as a germ barrier. Any germs can not thus for one from the plant but also not ruckwartsgerichtet in the reverse osmosis system.

The LWM Ultimo QuickChange reverse osmosis plant is a flagship with two germ barriers, so that the reverse osmosis membrane is optimally protected. Still an elegant designer uses the reverse osmosis osmosis faucet and a water connections supplied with integrated shut-off valve and return flow inhibitor. The latter is very easy to install and meets the requirements according to DIN 1988 and DVGW. At the usual QuickChange Reverse osmosis systems are mostly ordinary reverse osmosis systems where only the filters in separate cartridges are however the membrane and the back-up filter after the old ‘ procedures be changed. In the LWM QuickChange reverse osmosis systems are provided of course the membrane and the back-up filter in QuickChange technology. This reverse osmosis system is unique and with dimensions of only 34 x 42 x 9 cm also extremely space-saving. Surprisingly, the price of an innovative reverse osmosis is amazingly cheap. When do you start to create your own pure drinking water? With a LWM QuickChange reverse osmosis plant is the hygienic sure possible, easy, and cheaper than bottled water to buy that Moreover, known also impurities in any way, or which should be significantly less according to WHO can contain substances in quantities.

New Technology

EUROLITE LED Scan TSL-100 receives the test of the soundcheck Magazine best notes is now officially: EUROLITE TSL-100 scan the soundcheck magazine not only positive rated by, but even awarded top marks. He convinced not only by its light output, but there also with a good price/performance ratio. “The result there is nothing to quibble: basically convinced the TSL-100 LED Scan all along the line.” Soundcheck magazine has undergone a tough testing program the new scanner with top grades for the subjects. The EUROLITE TSL so it looks even the journal, is the light output. Because for the first time manages to present a complete and affordable scanner EUROLITE, whose impressive Leuchtkraft produced by a LED (20 Watts). The beams of a scanner, which can be found in pretty much every disco, are projected as alternating patterns (gobos) on floors and walls. Is claimed in this sector until now rather the conventional bulbs, because they have more clout. You make Pattern brighter and clearer.

But that is now over. Finally, the TSL shows previously unsuspected strengths of diodes. And these include just the power, and the reasonable price. So he is not just a device with an innovative light sources, more than he can compete with other scanners in this price class”, so the tester. In plain language: the TSL-100 LED Scan can easily replace halogen scanner up to 250 Watts. Since the introduction of the LEDs the light sector witnessed a real revolution is not over yet.

The technology will continue to evolve and advance into more areas. As well as now the Eurolite TSL-100, starting a revolution in the field of the scanner. No wonder, then, that the Auditors the soundcheck come to her consistently positive conclusion, in which praise the good workmanship, great value for money, the enormous brightness and low power consumption. The TSL is the first step in a new direction. Eurolite is one of the leading European lighting brands in the consumer sector of show technology. Whether mirror balls, lights,. Radiation effects, fog machines, LED systems, scanners, colour changer, flower or floodlights. Whether for simple home applications, semi professional applications, or extremely demanding installations. EUROLITE offers a product range which is unparalleled with over 2000 products. Add high quality blends, coupled with low prices. For anyone just right!


Science Minister Svenja Schulze congratulates the ZB MED on the 40th anniversary of Cologne, 22 August 2013 1973 was launched for the ZB Med. Now 40 years later the Central Library has become medicine, health, nutrition, environment and agriculture for the spectrum of subjects a central infrastructure for the research location Germany. Its 40th anniversary celebrated the ZB MED on the 22 August 2013 at their location in Cologne with a ceremony at which also Svenja Schulze, Minister for innovation, science and research of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia (MIWF), took part. Our common goal is to strengthen the ZB MED as a nationwide unique scientific infrastructure facility of the Leibniz family”, Schulze said in her greeting to the 40th anniversary of the library. “Agree the conditions of which I am convinced”, so Schulze next. The Senate of the Leibniz Association has the ZB MED just certifies that she have a vital role of services for the library supply of almost all German universities and non-university research institutions perceive.” It was the ZB MED a, except also welcomed Parliamentary Secretary Ulrike Flach from the Federal Ministry of health NRW Minister of science to their ceremony to honor may.

“Mrs. Flach praised the ZB MED: with its extensive stock of 1.6 million books and journal volumes and 27,500 magazines the ZB has developed MED in the course of its 40-year history to a”treasure trove of knowledge”.” She is particularly proud that the Federal Government 30% engaged MED on the financing of the ZB; for 2013 with around 3.5 million alone. “Professor Dr. Karl Ulrich Mayer, President of the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, congratulated the ZB MED also to mark the 40th anniversary: the ZB MED is the central library infrastructure for the German and international science of immense importance.

The Security Cabinet

Also, substances that have an ignition temperature below 100 C, do not belong in hazardous substance cabinets. An exception to this rule only arises through a ventilation and safe, sealed packaging of the flammable substance. Examination of safety cabinets the examination of safety cabinets, must be carried out by a suitable person. An auditor is suitable, if he has appropriate training and experience and expertise in the testing of hazardous substance cabinets. The operator of a facility who works with safety cabinets, has the duty to appoint an auditor who meets the requirements of the operational safety Ordinance. The examination of safety cabinets is limited not only in the extreme case of fire and preventing it from spreading.

Much more frequently in everyday work to release dangerous fumes or energy enabled fluids run out. One reason is leaking or broken can Should be. A conscientious handling of the hazardous substances, as well as properly functioning safety devices are therefore a must in laboratories, industrial plants or similar establishments. During a test, therefore all security aspects of the hazardous material Cabinet must be observed and checked. Testing of hazardous substance cabinets should take place in a repeating rhythm of at least one year. In addition to the functioning of all safety devices, defect-free construction and fire resistance are to be judged much more security: Optical Visual inspection from the outside and from the inside, investigation on damage such as dents or scratches listening control, in addition to known sounds new, unusual identifiable must in case of fire from any position out automatically close doors fire seals must independently froth in the event of fire and seal the closet doors must close in case of fire despite door locking system (Functioning of the Thermoauslosung) Compliance with the prescribed shelf loads of shelves presence and tightness of the bottom tray check on undamaged and clean condition of entire housing ventilation facilities fire protection valves fire insulation fire seals parts hinges reinforced tubing air filter and exhaust duct door lock presence of instructions and marking Cabinet must be easily accessible his range to the door his secure position of the hazardous material Cabinet must be free marking of the safety cabinet with the applicable fire resistance, if all conditions for the last item in the list are met (type indication), the determination of the fire resistance class, carried out by so-called fire-Chamber tests.

Here, the Cabinet in a fire Chamber or fire container is set up and equipped with test equipment. The Security Cabinet is heated evenly with flame and all changes such as rising temperatures are recorded and documented. She will then Fire resistance class set. About the process and the results of the test is to create a protocol. It contains any detected defects and how to proceed in this regard. The documentation of the examination should be kept. Marking of the safety Cabinet is completed the classification of a safety Cabinet after its fire resistance, is the appropriate identification. Also a successfully completed testing of the hazardous material Cabinet is marked by a plaque. The inspection plate has tested the inscription safety Cabinet”and depending on the demand indicates the month and year of the next required test.

Exclusive Peiseler

Workpiece changing table with innovative pneumatic control Remscheid / Feldkirchen-Westerham, 13 November 2013 Peiseler precision engineering company stands for tradition and innovation: In terms of the consistent product optimisation a new development was now specifically successfully completed for the control of the workpiece changing tables with the intelligent pneumatic control of InnoMotix GmbH. The company Peiseler workpiece change tables are proven sub-assemblies to change the shuttling of the workpieces between machining space and loading position. Here is one of speed as well as accuracy. The tables are used worldwide in various production environments. But also proven products are not free of potential for improvement. In this case Peiseler was looking for an optimisation of the existing pneumatic actuator of the tables, because the required oil pressure shock absorbers are costly and also are subject to wear. Perfect to the muffler with a new system without replacing shock absorbers, has been the exclusive Peiseler / InnoMotix cooperation initiated.

The technical background of the InnoMotix: The patented pneumatic system of Fox by InnoMotix works with customized exhaust control and therefore requires no internal or external end-position cushioning. Thus, the patented system allows a Jolt – free and smooth motion for oscillating cylinder of any kind. But the wish list”by Peiseler on InnoMotix comprised of course more than just” the Elimination of the oil pressure shock absorbers: faster journey times with soft stops, as well as a load-Adaptive motion for a wide range of masses without downtime had an equally high priority. After successful implementation of tried and tested workpiece changing table now has an innovative pneumatic actuator which complies with these guidelines. The mass customization without technical modifications could significantly improve cycle times. The system automatically adapts to pressure and temperature changes. This is particularly important in other production environments, where for example, the climate significantly from the usual temperatures in this country differs.