The questionnaires serve to have a more definite idea of some characteristics of software. Both need that the engineer of responsible software already possesss some knowledge of the problem in order to elaborate them. Scenes: they provide to greater easiness to relate the reality with the objectives of stakeholders, therefore they are used of practical examples instead of declaration abstract to identify the requirements. Structuralized techniques can more be carried through as scenes of events or of use-you marry, known as use cases. Prototipao: development of part of the system, carried through during all the phases of the ER, using requisite already identified that they will serve to assist in the survey of equally important others, beyond detecting imperfections that had before not been perceived. The user can interact with the archetype and to verify if really is what it desires and if the project walks in the certain route. Etnografia: it searchs to identify the originary requirements of the social and organizacional context.

It is carried through through the insertion of a professional in the same surrounding of work in which the system will operate, with intention to observe, to perceive and to write down important requirements for the agreement of the real processes that happen in the daily one of that place and as they impactam the life of the users and, therefore, of to be implemented system. The sub-activities that compose the activity of elicitao analysis of requirements 24 can be understood in six tasks of iterative character, each one generating feedback 2 to the other, as it shows Figure 3.