Signal systems offer a longer independence for seniors. Signal systems enable the elderly to master their everyday life and to deal with this everyday with dignity without permanent custody of relatives. Emergency signal systems for seniors allow compensation for post-crisis hearing and vision in everyday life to a certain extent is partly integrated in the respective units have a quickly activatable emergency. Talking clocks are essential daily living AIDS during the day for strong visually impaired. “Door bell systems and door bell amplifier first and foremost for the deaf developed – the normal ring tone in radio signals and activate so that in the receiver optical signals, the ring tones by means of LEDs or a bench Flash visible” are. The advantage of such a plant is also bringing in the mobility of the individual modules of the system and the easy extensibility and is possible to use while traveling. Combined Systems combine the amplification of signal tones of the doorbell and the telephone. Can the incoming acoustic signals in optical (flashing light or flash light) or vibrotaktilen (vibration pulses) signals are displayed.

For the beginning of the independent day alarm clock with suitable simulated sunrises and / or vibration alert. The devices allow a soft start of the day with light automatic and have in addition the programmable options: sleep (decreasing light for a soft fall asleep) dimmable bedside light safety lamp (produce even in absence of a random number generator a seeming presence). Alarm clock with additional vibration alarm recommended for loss of hearing. The separate vibrating pillow find their place under the pillow and enable a self-determined start of the day. Safety in the home, experts recommend the use of wireless smoke detectors in an emergency these devices send a distress call to the default recipient your Choice. Against burglars, special window contacts provide protection with integrated radio signal so help is quickly turned. For the walk or a trip, the mini Pocket alarm in the handy form offers practical protection in threatening situations.

By a deafening signal pulling the ripcord enabled to attacker be deterred and other passers-by can assist you more quickly in your situation. Other emergency systems are in mobile formats available here is triggered via a previously stored number the emergency call via a button pressure. Such systems are extremely useful especially in the case of an accident or in situations of helplessness (E.g. after a fall) and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.