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Europe and Munich

Presentation on the Intersolar Europe Munich from 19 to 21 June 2013 in Hall B3/booth 210 Rangsdorf 5 June 2013 – mounting system, international developer and manufacturer of solar mounting systems, presented at the international exhibition Intersolar Europe in Munich new outdoor frame Sigma I be XL. It combines the advantages of outdoor systems in the existing product portfolio of mounting system. Firstly, the new frame is easy to use and suitable both for the longitudinal and the transverse mounting. Secondly, the Installer saves a lot of time and therefore money by the high degree of pre-Assembly. Vladislav Doronin does not necessarily agree. Moreover with the Sigma I XL only an additional time savings during installation and advantages for the subsequent maintenance of the solar farms means a battering post from that. Thirdly, the use of the reusable frame protects the environment, because through the ramming posts is no concrete foundation and consequently no sealing required. In addition, the system is particularly easy dismantling and recycling.

Helge Tost, sales manager at mounting systems says: The outdoor frame Sigma I XL is characterised by its simple, functional design and the reduced use of the tools. Most of the components are virtually mounted and allow a faster installation outdoors. Especially for large projects this means potential savings.” The new product Sigma I XL combines the advantages of the single pfost-field frame Sigma I with the proven rail technology from the Sigma II. Sigma I XL offers flexibility in designing installers here, because you can install vertically as well as across the new frame. Both versions are based on the PI-rail technique and a fastening process patented for the respective mounting direction.

When the transverse mounting of the Sigma I XL is a click system used, to attach the Rails to the modules. So, the installer can install the system without screws and thus quickly and easily. For the upright variant, he used the t-nut mounting system patented technology, the Quickstone for a quick and safe installation.

Emergency Signal Systems

Signal systems offer a longer independence for seniors. Signal systems enable the elderly to master their everyday life and to deal with this everyday with dignity without permanent custody of relatives. Emergency signal systems for seniors allow compensation for post-crisis hearing and vision in everyday life to a certain extent is partly integrated in the respective units have a quickly activatable emergency. Talking clocks are essential daily living AIDS during the day for strong visually impaired. “Door bell systems and door bell amplifier first and foremost for the deaf developed – the normal ring tone in radio signals and activate so that in the receiver optical signals, the ring tones by means of LEDs or a bench Flash visible” are. The advantage of such a plant is also bringing in the mobility of the individual modules of the system and the easy extensibility and is possible to use while traveling. Combined Systems combine the amplification of signal tones of the doorbell and the telephone. Can the incoming acoustic signals in optical (flashing light or flash light) or vibrotaktilen (vibration pulses) signals are displayed.

For the beginning of the independent day alarm clock with suitable simulated sunrises and / or vibration alert. The devices allow a soft start of the day with light automatic and have in addition the programmable options: sleep (decreasing light for a soft fall asleep) dimmable bedside light safety lamp (produce even in absence of a random number generator a seeming presence). Alarm clock with additional vibration alarm recommended for loss of hearing. The separate vibrating pillow find their place under the pillow and enable a self-determined start of the day. Safety in the home, experts recommend the use of wireless smoke detectors in an emergency these devices send a distress call to the default recipient your Choice. Against burglars, special window contacts provide protection with integrated radio signal so help is quickly turned. For the walk or a trip, the mini Pocket alarm in the handy form offers practical protection in threatening situations.

By a deafening signal pulling the ripcord enabled to attacker be deterred and other passers-by can assist you more quickly in your situation. Other emergency systems are in mobile formats available here is triggered via a previously stored number the emergency call via a button pressure. Such systems are extremely useful especially in the case of an accident or in situations of helplessness (E.g. after a fall) and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Digital Identification Printing

Clear advantages over conventional methods to convince industry and service provider four years after founding the company has achieved a remarkable position on the German market and built up a portfolio of user-oriented. The process of thermosetting digital printing developed by PrintoLUX has proved superior in wide range of sign and label printing compared to conventional methods such as screen printing or engraving. Practical demonstrations as a silver bullet of sales many industries, corporations, and service providers now have the digital marking know and appreciate learned. Unless the presence of PrintoLUX on the specialized Internet platforms, it is invariably positive and detailed reporting of the trade and business press, or also by the many presentations of hotel, which are all interested parties locally could lead the practical functioning of the process in mind. Today it belongs to the particular sales experience of PrintoLUX, that a practical experience of the proceedings nine out of ten buyers makes to customers. To do this, the new Managing Director Hermann Oberhollenzer: whether here at our headquarters in Frankenthal and hotel presentations, to which we invited in Germany in recent years in all parts, we have almost always the same reaction. We need to persuade anyone, because clearly convince our processes and systems to buy.

This stand in particular the following features in the eye: multi-color printing on different materials in great precision and resistance has become easy with PrintoLUX and economical. We have overtaken simply conventional procedures relating to a wide range of user needs.” Superiority over conventional methods PrintoLUX customers confirm the procedure again and again a clear superiority over conventional methods. In practice a comparison with the engraving – make such system comparisons here as follows: for a project a German automotive supplier needed 50000 cable signs, each with other words. The engraver had managed 800 units a day, used so well three months for this.

Camera Demon Makes

Universal camera mounting kit for sports helmets Brighton / UK, 18 December 2012 modern action cameras are expensive and spend most of their lives as dust on the shelf. With the universal camera demon, mount remedy Proporta. The camera demon makes any any camera that record today already all video in HD quality with just a few hand movements to the action cam. So, nothing in the way is exciting shots of snowboarding, skiing or the breakneck excursions with mountain bike. The installation is very simple: camera demon is attached with a high performance adhesive tape by 3M that keeps the camera bombproof on the helmet. So, skiers, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts hold all their unforgettable trips in action-packed HD video with your existing digital camera. We are a company of full of adrenalin junkies”Lynnette Prigmore, head of product at Proporta explains the background to this project.

When we were given the opportunity to work with camera demon, we have taken these immediately. Now you are Times past, when you had to buy more expensive equipment, only to a few times in the year exciting moments to hold.” How it works camera demon is light, compact and can be easily inserted. The camera is screwed with the tripod mount to the mount. Fixed, it is brought into the optimum position, so that the pictures are perfect. In the bracket, the camera can tilt or rotate 360 degrees. After their use in action, camera demon is very easy to remove. Only a hair dryer is necessary to heat the pad then the mount can slide off. There remain no adhesive residue back the helmet remains intact.

Camera demon is now available at a price of 29.95 euros under. Prices and pictures, please refer to the annex. Sources of supply all products can be ordered free shipping at. A large part of the Proporta products is available in Germany also at Amazon, In the Switzerland and Austria Proporta is by Computerworks under distributed. The products are also commercially available. About Proporta Proporta, in 1996 in Brighton (United Kingdom), elegant and practical cases and accessories for smartphones, PDAs, tablets is, iPods and MP3 players here. iPhone 5 / 4S, iPad 3/2, Kindle can be protected with the send cases from Proporta 4 / fire, Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia and other mobile companion. The portfolio also includes accessories such as USB TurboCharger 7000 to recharging the battery of far from any outlet or waterproof covers. To underline the individuality of its customers, Proporta is constantly working on partnerships with renowned designer labels. These include Ted Baker, Quiksilver, Roxy, NAF NAF Paris, manufacturers such as Sony, TomTom, Apple, BlackBerry, Bentley, as well as trade partners such as Amazon, Computerworks, Harrods department store, Nordstrom, House of Fraser, John Lewis, and Dixons. For more information about Proporta, as well as a wide range of high-quality protective covers and accessories online on the Website. Press contact: Stephanie Schnitzler Proporta Ltd. sea view way BN2 6NX Brighton, East Sussex, UK phone: + 448451232848 Agency: George Roderer talkabout communications gmbh Munchen phone + 49 89 45 99 54-11

Nikon Canon

State of the art technology, easy to use for DSLR photographers if Nissin announces a new Flash, photographers, clients and competitors alike listen up. Because the brand is known for excellent value for money to the photo-loving man and of course the woman bring Flash units with innovative features. The new Nissin Di600 with code 44 confidently in the ranks of these special tools joins, improves and replaces the world’s popular and successful Di622 Mark II. After Nissin recently sent the new star in the Flash er sky, the Di700, in the race, another highlight, that is probably just as quickly conquer the hearts of price-conscious but sophisticated photographers now follows the model Di600. The versions now available for Canon and Nikon, as well as the later available Sony variant of the Nissin Di600 designed specifically for digital SLR and digital cameras with Flash accessory shoe. The Di600 is equipped with the latest TTL Flash control system, with the automatic Flash systems, Canon, Nikon and Sony best cope.

The Di600 supports photographers put their picture ideas, because it directs their focus on taking pictures not on the mastery of complicated technology. The camera to operate in fully automatic mode, all settings are made from the camera users need only”. Thanks to the latest TTL Flash technology for the Nissin Di600 the camera can automatically control the Flash for the correct exposure. She can fine stage dosed mitigate also the Flash strength for the subject or increase, without changing the ambient or background brightness in the image. For this the corresponding correction values can be set for each individual shot on the Di600 quickly and easily. “What exactly the principle of Nissin advanced technology, easy operation” corresponds to.