Successful intranet relaunch of hr at the base of the subshell CMS Hamburg, June 08, 2010. The Hessischer Rundfunk has restarted its intranet. The hr on the content management solution of Sophora relies for its comprehensive intranet-hr-inline. Thanks to the numerous interfaces and high usability of high-end CMS by subshell, the transition to the new system went smoothly. HR-inline represents an essential source of information in the daily work of more than 2,000 staff of the Hessischer Rundfunk fixed and free. It provides direction and relevant facts and facilitates internal communication resources. Its own editorial team is responsible for the creation of the digital offering in the hr. Sophora created an optimized technical basis for hr-inline.

Parallel, the employee portal was renewed optically and structurally gently. “The rich out-of-the-box functionality of Sophora have fulfilled our expectations of a modern and efficient intranet”, so Kerstin Post, head of hr-inline editing, “already after a short time have proven especially the intuitive interface, as well as the inbuilt search wholeheartedly.” For the success of the project the close cooperation of the media-experienced team of hamburger was GmbH with the developers and administrators at the Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt subshell. At that point assumed the hr under advice of subshell project management and implementation of user-friendly CMS Sophora. The content-management-system Sophora the Hamburg company subshell GmbH offers with Sophora a user-friendly high-end CMS for all editorial tasks. An intuitive interface, easy to use and yet powerful search, universal drag & drop, keyboard shortcuts, and an integrated image editor are among the features of Sophora. Sophoras Editor allows a work faster than traditional Web applications as desktop application. Because the CMS takes advantage of the full potential of modern computers, it is extremely efficient. The site offers a virtual tour of the system.

About sub-light the subshell team specializes in the care of companies with high demands on its publication and content management. The customer base of subshell Hessischer Rundfunk, MDR, NDR, Radio Bremen, Saarlandischer Rundfunk,, ticket online, amongst other things ARD, Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung, the first universal music Germany and the ZDF. The subshell GmbH was founded in 1999 with the aim, to depict complex processes into simple and fast software solutions for companies. There are currently 24 employees at the headquarters in Hamburg’s HafenCity. Press contact: Ulrike Beckmann, concept + communication, Bahrenfelder Kirchenweg 13 c, 22763 Hamburg, Tel. 040 64 66 88 52,,