Electrical work is the most important phase in which, in fact, performed electrical work in manufacturing. At conversion, expansion or renovation of production, above all, is de-energizing electrical installations and dismantling unnecessary, raspaechnyh boxes, distribution boards, sockets, lamps, cables and switches. Removed as cable channels and pipes, whose use in the future is not planned. Mounted new switchboards, measuring systems, the actuators are installed, running installation of lighting, you are connecting all the equipment to the mains. Installation of power equipment manufacture, so that operation of electrical machines did not cause external vibration and noise as the equipment itself and parts of the building.

Many companies also offer a parallel installation of low voltage systems – fire alarm, access control, CCTV. Take advantage of this offer – it means get rid of the need for subsequent additional pads hidden communication and focus the entire front of work (including subsequent maintenance) in the hands of one contractor. In addition, companies usually offer a good discount on installation of low voltage systems. Thus, you get a savings of time and money. Start-up operations during this stage made all the necessary settings of the installed equipment. Experts seek the contractor clear of all systems in normal mode, test the alarm of the test and the correct operation of information-measuring devices. The composition of the selection committee must include representatives of the main power service and a staff member who will be responsible for electrical equipment checked the shop or the site after its commissioning.

If necessary, enter into a contract point of re-education (teaching) employees, whose work will later be one way or another related to the operation of energy systems and low voltage systems facility installed on it. Note: Preparation of technical documentation and perform all work under the contract must be in full compliance with the regulations governing the implementation of these activities: – snip – building regulations – RB – Electrical Code – VSN – departmental instruction; – Safety – Regulation of fire protection. Electrical work in manufacturing should be carried out strictly according to the drawings, made the project organization or prepared and agreed in under the treaty, and in accordance with the working documentation provided by the manufacturers on all installed equipment and components. Sometimes an electrical work in manufacturing for a particular object requires more extensive actions than in conventional electrical sense. Install supports, excavation, removal of foundations, concrete foundations, road slabs and slabs, laying cable under the railroad tracks and highways – for all of this requires not only special equipment and extensive experience, but also the availability of licenses, the ability to design approvals respective organizations. Therefore, choosing a contractor to perform electrical work in your industrial facility, pay attention to the list of services offered. Otherwise, in the final that you can get the production of "turnkey" perfectly satisfied with electrical wiring, but without (or with major problems) to connect to a central power networks. Separate type of electrical work on production is to detect faults in electrical networks and their elimination. More than half of all customers who apply to companies offering services on the electrical industry, have serious problems related to the work of electrical networks, which decide on their own can not. These professionals would never impose the customer a complete replacement of wiring or equipment, if it really is not caused by extreme necessity. Qualified specialists are trying to understand the cause of the problem and resolve it quickly, without resorting to extreme measures, related to suspension of work and industrial enterprise, therefore, serious loss of time and large expenditures.