They think that through a WLAN they can enter hackers? The answer is not only a yes full one, if that in addition is the perfect entrance for intruders as much I do not commit like external. If to this the existing schemes of uncertain security are united to him (like for example WAP), is clarsimo that the management of the security of the information on this point must consider very seriously as an aspect of security of the company to consider. Of what an Audit of networks WIFI consists? One is to evaluate and to verify which is the architecture of its WLAN following the recognized methodology internationally: OSSTMN WIRELESS. The most important points have to consider so that the audit fulfills its function to secure a favorable report for the security of its networks, are: To evaluate hardware, firmware and its updates. To evaluate the security perimeter, being verified that the signal is not reached outside organization.

To verify that interferences with other wireless or electronic devices in the frequencies do not exist in which they operate To verify the possibility of capturing and of obtaining data from the wireless devices. To verify the coding in use. To analyze vulnerabilities of infrastructure WLAN, in search of: Failures that allow to become the control of the same Failures that can cause nonavailability in the service If the report is not favorable they must correct those failures so that network WIFI with which we worked not turns into the front sight of some hacker that it can rob personal character data, as much of our clients as of our employees. We could say that realising an audit of this type we contributed to an added value to him to our company; on the one hand we will be able to cover a possible hole that harms the security of the information which we handled and, on the other, we will fidelizaremos to our clients offering to them a high degree of confidence.